Automated Legal Billing & Accounting software

Integrated Accounting Software for Lawyers with Built-In Billing

Easily perform complex transactions with built-in office and trust accounting. IOLTA and state bar rule compliant trust accounting is made easy with the LEAP legal practice productivity solution. Attorneys can instantly generate invoices, manage retainers and trust accounts, capture disbursements, and integrate their LEAP office accounting and billing with FeeWise, Xero, and Quickbooks Online.

Legal Software Integrations

Seamlessly integrated with your law firm's accounting software

Common accounting software can intuitively integrate with LEAP to ensure data integrity across all business functions. Accounting and billing integrations include:

  • QuickBooks Online: Journals created in LEAP are exported to QuickBooks Online and only include financial information, protecting privacy within the firm.
  • Xero: LEAP automatically sends “back office” accounting transactions to Xero to create an audit trail of every transaction.
  • FeeWise: Improve cash flow and get paid faster with automatic reminders and an online payment portal.

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Simple legal billing software auto syncs with matter - cloud based invoice management for law firms
Automated Legal Billing Software

Make your accounting simple, wherever you are, with the LEAP time and billing software features

With LEAP, your accounting, billing, and timesheets are all integrated, improving efficiency and allowing you to spend more time on your clients.

Never miss a minute of billable time with a variety of time recording tools. Easily and instantly record time spent on emails, phone calls, and letters or take advantage of customizable billing codes and fixed fee entries directly from LEAP's built-in timesheet.

Quickly capture billable time on-the-go or out of the office with the LEAP Mobile App, Apple Watch, or Amazon Alexa. Instantly record time made on calls to clients from your cell phone or smart watch. All time entries sync to the corresponding electronic matter which can be viewed at any time and adjusted, if necessary, before an invoice is sent.

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Legal time billing software integrations with LEAP let you easily create invoices and receipts

Customizable billing templates

The LEAP billing tools make accounting easy with the ability to manage both client and trust accounts as well as capture all disbursements. With customizable billing templates and integrations with Xero and QuickBooks Online, you can quickly create invoices and receipts.

Legal calculations made easy - LEAP's built-in calculator with legal billing codes

Calculator & billing codes

Save time with built-in calculations, filing fees, and charges billed back to the clients. With filing fees and standard case expenses regularly updated, you can quickly and accurately generate calculations without the need to reference external sources.

Automated law firm reporting

Automated law firm reporting

Easily track your firm's performance with an extensive range of legal reports in LEAP. Customize, filter, schedule, or export your reports to easily calculate hours worked by associates or support staff and identify outstanding invoices, inactive matters or debtors.

State compliant accounting & billing

The LEAP automated billing and legal accounting features allow your law firm to easily perform complex transactions and correctly record them in your accounts. Do away with paper processes and reduce errors through automation.

Customer testimonial: Integrated accounting software for lawyers

Anthony J DeGirolamo

Attorney at Law

"I have used the LEAP app [to time record]. It is wonderful and super easy. When I need to text, call or email a client when I am out of the office, I am able to enter my time as soon as I’m done. I don’t have to worry about entering my time when I get back to the office.”

Tonya L. Crawford

LEAP helps you customise, filter, schedule, or export your reports easily.

Automated law firm reporting

Easily track and manage your firm's performance with LEAP's extensive range of legal reports. Customize, filter, schedule, or export your reports to easily calculate hours worked by associates or support staff and identify outstanding invoices, inactive matters or debtors.

LEAP helps law firms become more productive.

LEAP - over 11,000+ legal forms for over 2,500 matter types, all automated and easy to complete.

Document Assembly & Management

Automate, create, organize, and manage your documents across all devices.

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LEAP - over 11,000+ legal forms for over 2,500 matter types, all automated and easy to complete.
LEAP's legal billing and accounting cloud software lets lawyers record time from anywhere.

Legal Accounting

Track billables, generate invoices, manage trusts, integrate office accounting, and more.

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Legal document management and sharing lets attorneys easily run their law firm.

Practice Management

LEAP is the legal practice productivity solution to manage your law practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal billing software?

Legal billing software is essential for law firms to ensure profitability and longevity. Comprehensive legal billing software will offer features to record billable time instantly, autocomplete timesheets, edit and draft invoices, and provide an online payment portal for your clients. Additionally, a legal billing platform should offer integrations with accounting software to reduce potential accounting errors from redundant, manual data entry.

Why use legal billing software?

Legal billing software improves productivity and profitability. Integrated cloud-based billing solutions enable law firms to bill more accurately and frequently to create profitable business practices. Additionally, as lawyers and support staff spend less time manually inputting data multiple times and following up with clients to remit payments, they can focus more on revenue-driving tasks.

What kind of customer support is included with LEAP?

LEAP offers ongoing support for our customers to ensure success. Customers will be assigned a dedicated Practice Management Advisor and access to our Help Center, LiveChat, and LEAP University for ongoing support and training.

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