Family Law Software

The practice of family law is vital to the community and small law firms.

Being a family law attorney can be a highly emotional yet rewarding area to practice in. The software you use should be powerful and intuitive to make your life easier.

Designed to fit your needs

You’ll have access to a range of pre-configured matter types associated with family law. These matter types have been developed by our dedicated Design and Automation Team with a legal background and family law specialists to fit your needs. Extensive research conducted by the Design and Automation Team and the information provided by family law specialists provides the foundation on which the matter types are built. The matter types include: binding financial agreements, including pre-nuptial and pre-relationship agreements, child support, custody, access, protection and adoption, divorce, enforcement of agreements, property settlements, property and children transactions.

Enter information only once

For each matter type associated with family law, you’ll have specific input screens. These input screens act as checklist for the required information of your family law matter. The checklist enables you to capture information relating to the matter and generate documents with up-to-date forms and templates in seconds. By entering key details into the system once, you can use it throughout the life of the matter-for letters, forms, time-recording etc.

Automate your family law forms

You’ll have access to a range of up-to-date legal forms needed to conduct family law matters. Every form has been automated to work with the data recorded in the matter type input screens. You simply enter your information into the input screen once, and it can be automated into multiple forms. You’ll be saved from manually re-entering the information more than once.

Share documents safely

We know your family law forms, such as Divorce financials and CIS, are lengthy, confidential, and complex, making them difficult to deal with. Due to the size of these forms, it is impossible to send them as email attachments.

With our software, you’ll have access to LawConnect, a safe storage and collaboration platform that enables you to securely share documents with your clients. Unlike email where there is an inherent risk of data breaches, with LawConnect all legal documents are stored within LEAP on our secure servers. Those lengthy documents you can’t send as email attachments will now be able to be shared quickly through LawConnect.

Capture the work you’ve done

Most attorneys aren’t recording the work they’ve already done. Did you know that 27% of legal work is never accounted for?

You now can have access to timesheets that enable you to record all daily file activity, with accuracy. Record your time before even opening a new matter. When you receive a phone call from a new client and spend half an hour advising them you can instantly record your time. Automatically recording many aspects of your work throughout your day, makes you more money.