Real Estate
Closing Software

You’ll close deals faster with a single software system that includes a range of resources for efficient real estate closings.

In real estate closings, many small law firms place heavy emphasis on generating revenue quickly, but forget about efficiency. With an increase in competition for fixed-fee work, efficiency is becoming essential.

Efficiency and profitability go hand-in-hand. The more efficient you are, the more profitable you are. If you want to grow your profits, you need an effective and productive software system to do so.

One system to increase your profits

Are you using one software system for accounting and another for your document management? If so, your law firm is not optimizing its work. Using separate products to run your firm is a catalyst for inefficiency. You’ll enjoy practicing more when you use one system for both your accounting and case management.

Check the pulse of your law firm

Keep up-to-date with one central location in which you can view all your matters and check their status. You’ll be able to see which matters are coming up for closing, and which matters are inactive. You can record against the file where your matters come from, whether they are acquired from email campaigns, billboards, newspaper advertisements, or another source.

Designed to fit your needs

For each of your matter types associated with real estate closing transactions, we’ve created specific input screens. These input screens act as checklists for the required information of your real estate matters. The checklist enables you to capture information relating to the matter and generate documents with up-to-date forms and templates in seconds.

Complex forms made easy

You'll have quick access to complex forms such as the Closing Disclosure Form. Information from a specific matter can be auto-populated into these forms. This allows you to generate forms quickly, without the risk of human error.

Empower your firm

With the ability to automate your CDF, you will not have to pay for third party resources nor will you have to assign your internal staff the time-consuming task of manually entering in information. You’ll be able to save money and upscale your staff. By allowing your employees to take on higher level roles, you can empower your firm and enhance your business development.

Work faster

You'll have all the legal forms needed to conduct real estate related matters at your fingertips. Every form has been automated to work with the data recorded in the matter type input screens. You enter the information in once, and it’s used throughout the life of the matter – for letters, forms, time recording, and more. Your checks are even automated for you, so you don’t have to separately create new ones. Never manually re-enter the same information more than once again.