Wills and
Estates Software

Simplify the time-consuming tasks of your Wills and Estates matters.

We provide a range of resources to make your Wills and Estates practice easier. You’ll be able to access a range of automated legal forms and templates at your fingertips, as well as upload your own personalized documents.

Checklist of key information

For each matter type, you’ll have input screens that serve as checklists for the required information needed for your matter. The checklist enables you to capture the essential information you’ll need throughout the life of the matter.

Built for your matter

You’ll be able to select a special input screen that is relevant to the matter type you are working on. These matter types include but are not limited to single person and spouses and de facto wills, estate general, probate, family provision claims, letters of administration, etc.

Enter information once

The vital information entered in the checklist is auto-populated across multiple forms and templates within seconds. With on-the-spot automation, there is very little data you need to manually fill in.

Automated Wills and Estates forms

Every form is automated to work with the input screens. You will have your own comprehensive library of Wills and Estates legal forms. This inclusive collection spans across all common areas of law and states, including New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.