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How to avoid law firm accounting vulnerabilities

Time is Money: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Poor Accounting Practices

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" The software is set up more for people with a stronger accounting background. A non-accountant like myself can actually use it efficiently. That is the best thing I can say. It is set up for an accountant or an accounting person to run the back office, but LEAP is easy to use. "

Anthony J DeGirolamo, Attorney at Law

A non-accountant like myself can use LEAP efficiently - Anthony's video review

The LEAP Team is Highly Specialized in Law Firm Billing and Legal Accounting Processes and Procedures

Jacquie West - New York Practice Management Advisor

Jacquie West
New York Practice Management Advisor

Jacquie West is a Practice Management Advisor and has been at LEAP for over three years. She is QuickBooks Online Certified and serves as LEAP’s Accounting Specialist, helping small firms operate more efficiently by improving accounting and business practices.

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