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Choose right, choose once. How to pick the right software for your firm.

You know you need to change your legal software, but how do you make the switch successful? When you change your legal software, you need to evaluate not only the software functionality of the new provider, but also their onboarding process. What happens during the first few weeks of making the change, will determine the long-term success of your decision. When you change your legal software, it should be a change that can support your firm for the next twenty plus years. After all, you work hard. You deserve the best software, and the best experience.

When you change your legal software, what questions should you ask about the onboarding services?

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How does LEAP stack up?

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A Local Provider

LEAP is solely focused on the needs of small law firms in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, and we have consultants based throughout both states. As part of the implementation, a LEAP Consultant will visit your firm for the installation and training. They will sit with your staff and will make sure that everyone is fully trained on how to use LEAP.

Data Transition

Our Data Transitions Team offers transitions from over twenty-two of the most commonly used legal software systems, described in detail here. The data we can bring into LEAP from your existing system includes client and matter details as well as accounting details. This ensures that you don’t lose any time having to re-key your clients and matters into LEAP.


Our consultants will personalize the LEAP account for your firm, saving you hours of time and ensuring you are getting the full benefits of LEAP from day one. This includes entering your firm details, staff details, setting up your letterhead and customizing your invoice.

Legal Software Reviews - Lori A. Corini

"From inception, the people at LEAP were personally invested into helping me achieve my goals. LEAP has continued to invest into my business with in-person training and webinars. Once you learn how to use this system, you can automate certain letters and forms. This increases my efficiency and enables me to spend that time doing something else."

Lori A. Corini, Esq.

Onsite Training

A LEAP Consultant will attend your office for training with you and your staff. Our consultants are expert trainers and will ensure everyone in your firm, including staff that may be a little resistant to change, can confidently use LEAP. One on one training is also provided to your bookkeeper and relevant accounts staff, to make the implementation is seamless.

Template Automation

One of the biggest time savers with LEAP is document automation, and having the matter information automatically merge into commonly used forms and templates. We know all small law firms have their own bank of template letters, and as part of your implementation we will automate up to 20 templates for you.

Project Management

If your firm has 10 or more staff, project management is part of the service. Your dedicated project manager will meet with you and oversee the entire transition and implementation to ensure everything runs smoothly. They will continue to work with your firm for 60 days post installation to make sure your staff is enjoying using LEAP and using it to its full potential. This will ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment.

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