Learn how to grow your law firm by tapping into your existing client base.

Client marketing is a powerful and often overlooked source of income for growing law firms. In our new free e-book, you’ll discover the seven essential rules of tapping into your client base to grow your firm. You’ll also learn to identify key opportunities and a simple framework to supercharge client care, referrals, networking, technology, and more!

Lawyers: How to Market to Existing Clients and Contacts

Lawyers: How to Market to Existing Clients and Contacts

Download the free e-book to learn 7 simple ways to make more money from existing clients.

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Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper (former Professor) is one of the world’s most experienced specialist business development consultants and skills trainers for the legal profession. He has helped over 900 law firms of all sizes increase their business over a period of 37 years. Based in London, he is also an international business author and speaker. He has written 17 books that are translated into 13 languages and published in 56 countries. He is the author of the very successful book, “The Financial Times Guide to Business Development: How to Win Profitable Customers and Clients," which was shortlisted on publication for a prestigious "best business/management book of the year" award.

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