Practice Productivity Solution for Criminal Law Firms

Whether your law firm is working on an Expungement, Indictable Offense, Juvenile Delinquency, Traffic/DUI, or Local Ordinance Violation, LEAP provides an end-to-end solution with all the core tools needed to help you get the best result for your clients.


LEAP Legal Practice Productivity

Pre-configured matter types

LEAP has developed criminal matter types for attorneys to enter information specifically for criminal law cases, like court details, arrest details, etc. Entering information into LEAP once will help streamline the entire criminal law case including producing criminal court forms, sharing files, and accessing matters on the go.

See how Leap helps you sort all of your different criminal matter types
See how LEAP helps you automate your criminal forms

Automatically create criminal law forms

Criminal justice proceedings require forms that need to be submitted to the court, with specific information relevant to the details of each party. When client information is entered into LEAP once, criminal court forms such as the Notice of Appearance of Counsel, Defense Attorney Municipal Notice of Appearance, and Defendant's Notice of Appeal can be generated in relatively short time with accurate calculations, legal rates, and party and court details pre-populated.

Streamline client interactions

Client intake is simplified when automating your online intake processes with LEAP. Once intake forms are completed by potential clients, LEAP automatically creates the matter. The 24/7 LEAP Web Portal also allows criminal law firms to securely send and share documents via LawConnect. Plus, clients can schedule appointments, pay balances, and communicate with the firm's branded web portal.

Criminal Law Intake Form
Criminal and Litigation case management on the LEAP Mobile App

Practice criminal law anywhere

The LEAP Mobile App allows criminal law firms to access all of their case files whether in court, meeting a client, or traveling. Criminal law firms can access and scan forms and files, search case details like contacts, dates, financials, and tasks, and instantly record time spent on matter-related activities from the LEAP Mobile App.

Edward P. Ryan, Jr.

LEAP is a time-saving document management system and much more; it is now an essential part of our office and our practice.

Edward P. Ryan, Jr.
O'Connor and Ryan P.C. | Criminal Law Firm

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