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Brian D. Perskin

Family Law, Matrimonial, Custody

"I would recommend LEAP to other firms if you want to grow your law firm. This all-in-one program puts you in a position to make your firm more efficient. The more efficient your firm can be, the more revenue you can generate and the more revenue you generate, the larger your firm can grow."

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Edward P. Ryan, Jr.

Criminal, Family Law, Litigation, Personal Injury

"What I was looking for was basically portability: the ability to work on a file, with some degree of speed, from a remote location. [With LEAP], anywhere we find the internet, I can get into my file."

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Gregory Aceto

Litigation, Personal Injury & Business Law

"[LEAP has] allowed us to focus on more constructive, productive matters, billable matters, as opposed to searching for a lost phone number, a lost document, or trying to re-capture time entries. It’s made the entire office far more efficient."

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Lane Bubka

Matrimonial, Family Law, Real Estate

"The mobile app on my phone is indispensable for me as somebody that most nine to five, Monday through Friday, is spent in court. I need something mobile to be able to have that access to pull up our files because we try to be as paperless as possible."

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"It is incredible how I can use LEAP from anywhere in the world to work on my cases, input and review my billing, and receivables of our firm. I can even access LEAP from court to view client documents and billing records."

Sheryl J. Seiden

Sheryl J. Seiden - Esq.

Nick Gray

Estate Planning

"[LEAP] helps to minimize the time that we need to spend on administration and it helps also to minimize the amount of staff we would need to hire to handle the administrative part of the practice. It’s the most up-to-date and seamless practice management software available."

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Salvatore Bellomo, Attorney at Law

Criminal Law

"It’s nice to have the forms and documents at your fingertips. The judges love it. The court staff love it. LEAP saves a ton of time and money. The value well exceeds the cost."

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"LEAP has it all! The training provided to our firm was excellent, customer service was superb, and the 24-hour help desk is priceless. Need we say more?"

Nicki Tarn

Director of Marketing
Nicki Tarn - Director of Marketing

"LEAP truly encompasses everything you need for your practice to thrive. LEAP is a matter management system, time tracking software, law firm marketing tool, and legal client portal all-in-one. Our practice relies on LEAP for our time recording, case management, billing and more."

Will Green


James R. Knudsen

Estate Planning & Tax

“The ability to take credit card payments and have them go directly to LEAP and QuickBooks saves manual work. LEAP allows us to be more productive, take on more clients and generate more revenue.”

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Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq.

Family Law

“LEAP’s integration with legal billing increased our law firm’s profits by 30% in the first two months. LEAP is very user friendly and the customer service is great. I know what has happened in each file simply by opening the file in LEAP. LEAP, where have you been all my life?”

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“This is my first case management system; I’m not tech savvy and I have found LEAP easy to use, with tech support quick and responsive. I was impressed by how easily LEAP integrates with QuickBooks Online, Outlook and EasySoft. I now capture more billable time and work on the go thanks to the mobile app.”

Jennifer D. Armstrong

Attorney at Law
Jennifer D. Armstrong - Attorney at law

"We sought a system that would match our experience at a large global law firm. LEAP allows us to efficiently oversee and manage our matters, record time and handle invoices from the office, home or on the road. LEAP has been a great investment for the future of our boutique firm."

Rodney Villazor


David J. Burbridge, Esq.

Estate Planning & Litigation

“LEAP certainly helps our cash flow. The LEAP time recording functionality helps give me a better understanding of my staff’s productivity. I can also access documents from home and my iPhone, making my life easier.”

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Staci Greenwald, Attorney at Law

Estate Planning

“There are plenty of times that I work from home or I work remotely and in the past if I forgot to write down my time on a piece of paper and then forgot to input it when I got back to the office, I lost a lot of billable time. Now I have not only LEAP on my desktop, but I have LEAP on my phone, I have LEAP on my iPad so no matter where I am, I can bill.”

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"I was astounded at such a complete practice management system. It was so far ahead of anyone else. There was much transition work, and everyone rose to the occasion. Our billables are up because they are captured so organically, and our billing and follow up time has been greatly reduced."

Denise Nordheimer


"LEAP has been personally invested in helping my firm with in-person training and webinars. Once you learn how to use this system, you can automate certain letters and forms. This increases my efficiency and enables me to spend that time doing something else.”

Lori A. Corini


Marty Liberman, Esq.

Real Estate, Commercial Law, Litigation & Wills

“LEAP is a very innovative company. Their main goal is to work with law firms to make it easy for us to practice and get our work done quicker and more efficiently. There is nothing like this product; everything is integrated into one system.

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Frank Materia, Esq.

Family Law

“LEAP’s Matter Management is a very beneficial, one-stop shop. I don’t need a case cabinet for countless manila folders since I have a virtual office that allows me to have my practice in the car, home, or actually anywhere.”

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"As an attorney specializing in Real Estate Transactions, I find the features of LEAP very relevant to my practice. LEAP’s legal trust accounting software easily produces trust reports. LEAP’s automated forms included common Real Estate forms, such as the Closing Disclosure Form.”

Jennifer Kang Butler

Attorney at Law

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