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What is legal practice management in a law firm? How do I automate my law firm? How do I get more legal clients? How do I bill time in a law firm? How do lawyers, legal assistants, and paralegals keep track of their time? How do I start my own law firm? How do lawyers send documents securely over the internet or via email? How do law firms organize files? How do I make my firm digital especially during the pandemic? How do I serve my legal clients? What software do law firms use? Do small law firms really need attorney software? What kind of technology is needed for lawyers? What is legal software? What is cloud-based software? How does cloud-based software work? What is case and matter management software? What is legal time and billing software? What are the benefits of law practice management software? What are the features of law practice management software? What should I look for when choosing a law practice management software? What document management software products are suited for a small legal practice? What is LEAP? How much does LEAP cost? What is included with LEAP? Is LEAP compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android? How secure is LEAP? How can I switch from another software? What type of products does LEAP transition from? My firm has 20-50 users, how will my firm be treated? What are and how do the software integrations work? How can I learn to use LEAP legal software? Which automated legal forms are available with LEAP? Can I automate my own forms and templates in LEAP? Does LEAP offer a free trial? Does LEAP offer remote installation? What states does LEAP service? (What states is LEAP available in?) What type of support does LEAP offer and what does it cost? Is the cloud safe for law firms? Why should I be interested in legal software? Why change what's working for us? Learning a new system is too hard. I don't need everything that LEAP does. I don't like QuickBooks or want a separate General Ledger. LEAP is too expensive. The cost isn't in our budget. I don't want a 36-month contract. What if I leave LEAP? I don't want my data held hostage. How much does LEAP cost for PCLaw | Time Matters firms? Why does PCLaw | Time Matters recommend LEAP? Is it easy to move my law firm's data to LEAP from PCLaw or Time Matters? Why does LEAP integrate with QuickBooks Online? My firm operates on an accrual (or cash) basis. Will QuickBooks Online work for me? I heard that QuickBooks Online does not have the same reports as QuickBooks. Is this true? What transfers into QuickBooks Online from LEAP? What is the General Ledger Link? What if there are transactions I do not want to export to QuickBooks Online?

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Switching from PCLaw | Time MattersTM

How much does LEAP cost for PCLaw | Time MattersTM firms?

With PCLaw® or Time Matters®, you pay for support and software updates, an on-site server, system maintenance, data backups, and additional IT equipment and staff. LEAP’s pricing model is structured for an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need for these extra expenses and overhead costs. LEAP is an all-in-one legal practice management solution providing the latest innovations for accounting and billing, document management, a full library of legal court forms, instant time recording, and a web service portal so your clients can fill out intake forms and pay bills online. LEAP provides all these features plus many more, in one system for one monthly price.

We see a proven 30% return on investment for firms within their first year of using LEAP. Contact a legal practice management specialist today to find out how LEAP can help your law firm reduce overhead costs and make more money.

Why does PCLaw | Time MattersTM recommend LEAP?

LEAP is the only all-in-one practice management solution on the market today that can accommodate the unique configurations that PCLaw | Time MattersTM users require. LEAP provides the same depth of functionality that PCLaw® and Time Matters® users have grown accustomed to but with a simplified IT infrastructure. PCLaw | Time MattersTM users who switch to LEAP gain an enhanced feature set that promotes flexible working options and easy access to matters and client information through multiple devices.

Is it easy to move my law firm’s data to LEAP from PCLaw® or Time Matters®?

Yes, it is easy to move your data from PCLaw® or Time Matters® to LEAP. LEAP has the world’s only software built just to move PCLaw | Time MattersTM users’ data into LEAP in as little as two days. LEAP can transition your law firm and data immediately including your firm’s contacts, matter details, client details, staff details, opening balances, and transaction history.

Why Switch to LEAP

Is the cloud safe for law firms?

It is likely your law firm already uses the cloud. Microsoft Office 365, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Gmail, and Slack are all examples of cloud services. LEAP does everything it can to make the cloud safe for law firms. Being a cloud solution, LEAP and all client data is stored on LEAP servers, which are built on and powered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud platform provider in the world, with 99.9% uptime, and makes security its top priority, meeting the requirements of organizations such as NASA, Atlassian, and the Dow Jones. LEAP stores data for US users in Virginia. LEAP also backs up its servers multiple times daily, weekly, and monthly and is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. LEAP does much more to ensure your firm is safe.

Read more about LEAP’s security policy here.

Why should I be interested in legal software?

Many law firms thinking about incorporating software in their practice are resistant due to fear of change, the learning curve, presumed cost, and training staff. However, the benefits that a centralized and firm-wide legal software solution offers to both attorneys and clients, such as speed, consistency, and collaboration, easily outweigh these concerns. Law firms often find a single software solution to be more cost efficient after eliminating their previous collection of software, including IT maintenance and server costs. Every aspect of LEAP can be completed online including purchase, one-on-one installation, training, and ongoing support. LEAP is there for law firms throughout the entire process so attorneys can feel confident in using legal software, whether new or making the switch from a different software system.

Why change what's working for us?

The legal market is changing as we move towards a growing digital market where convenience and client service is a priority. Do your current systems offer an online client intake and service portal, online payments, team collaboration, instant client updates, and a mobile office? LEAP will offers the right tools to streamline your law firm, make your practice more efficient, and make your clients happy.

Learn more about the LEAP Web Portal

Learning a new system is too hard.

Change is hard, disruptive, and often causes insecurities. However, it is often a question of short-term pains for long-term gains, especially when your staff sees the potential to save time and become more productive. LEAP is with you every step of the way, from the demonstration, installation, and training, to client support ensuring your law firm succeeds. Our network of certified consultants is highly specialized in law firm case management and works directly with law firms every day to ensure they are using LEAP to its fullest potential. In many cases, making the switch sooner will be easier than rectifying problems associated with your current system as they arise.

I don't need everything that LEAP does.

LEAP was designed for the needs of law firms and we have over 10,000 firms with over 18,000 users globally using LEAP to run their successful practices every day. LEAP is updated constantly to improve functionality that specifically helps law firms to automate their processes. If your law firm is creating documents, sending emails, billing, taking file notes, and working in and out of the office, LEAP will continue to provide long-term benefits to your practice.

See how LEAP keeps innovating

I don't like QuickBooks or want a separate General Ledger.

QuickBooks is the most widely used general ledger system across the world and every industry has QB specialists who charge a fraction of the rate of specialized bookkeepers to maintain companies’ books. By using LEAP with specifically QuickBooks Online, you can save in this department too. If your bookkeeper moves on, retires, or needs to be replaced, you can quickly pick up where your outgoing bookkeeper has left off. There are thousands of certified legal bookkeepers specialized in QuickBooks Online, making the switch easy and affordable.

Read more about LEAP's QuickBooks Online integration

LEAP is too expensive. The cost isn't in our budget.

The face value of LEAP can seem expensive. However, our solution is designed to help you save time, reduce overhead, and make more money. How much are you paying for your current systems? LEAP is designed to replace multiple, disconnected software with a single, centralized, and integrated management solution. Think of the LEAP ROI. Using LEAP means your law firm no longer needs servers or associated maintenance and IT costs. It will not require a separate forms package from your case management, and it will increase your entire staff’s productivity with fewer resources.

I don't want a 36-month contract.

LEAP gives a price guarantee for 36 months, something month-to-month contracts cannot provide. Additionally, LEAP’s installation and training process is committed to making LEAP work for your law firm. Our dedication to working with your firm and your dedication to working with LEAP will guarantee the long-term success of LEAP at your firm. Firms are with LEAP for an average of 15 years. This is an investment that will keep your firm growing for years to come.

What if I leave LEAP? I don't want my data held hostage.

Your data belongs to you. You can easily export documents and other correspondence and run reports to get your data out of LEAP at any time. If you leave LEAP for another cloud provider, they would handle your data transition just as LEAP will transition your data from another product. For multi-user firms, even if you leave LEAP, you can always keep one user and access your data at any time.

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