Cloud-Based Software for Law Firms

Create a secure, mobile law firm with the best legal case management system for law firms.

Without the need for a server, law firms can now work effectively, from anywhere at any time. With a legal case management system, law firms can rest assure that their data is safe and sound. LEAP legal software has invested heavily to secure New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts law firms’ information.

What is a legal case management system for law firms?

Law firms can now run their practices from wherever they are. They can now send and receive emails from and to their matters with their mobile devices. With a legal practice management system, they can gain the freedom to practice anywhere, from court, the office, home, or at a coffee shop.

Practice on-the-go

Legal software allows law firms to access all your client and matter information on-the-move. Law firms can use their favorite devices, smartphones, laptops, or iPads, to view all their matters.

Work anywhere

Don’t rely on internet connection to practice. With or without access to the internet, law firms can quickly access their information, with LEAP legal software.


Reduce costs

There’s no server required when law firms install LEAP legal software. This simplifies management and hardware requirements and eliminates additional costs. Plus, with remote access, law firms can cost effectively establish multiple branch offices, as their law firm grows.

No extra steps

Without having to press a button, automatic data synchronization happens every time law firms connect to the Internet.

Data is secure

LEAP legal software goes to great lengths to make sure law firms’ information is highly secure. All data is stored on Amazon Web Services, which uses security best practices to ensure information is safe.


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