Legal Email Management

Organize your emails simply according to matter

Law firms today should be using a safe and secure email system designed specifically for an attorney’s practice. Having an integrated email management system will help your law firm stay organized and make more money.

One central location

Don’t stop the matter you are working on to go to a separate system for your emails. When you have all your emails organized into one central location you’ve created an efficient system that will save you time and make you more money. You can simply categorize your emails to the right matter, without having to leave your case and accounting management software.

Automatically save emails

Now you can easily organize and save your emails to the corresponding matter in seconds. Have the peace of mind that all your outgoing and incoming emails will be stored securely and easily retrieved.


"With LEAP, now you can keep your files, all of your communications, as well as your emails in one folder. We were never able to do that before. So, when we create a file be it real estate or litigation, every email that we send we can actually save it in LEAP. All of your emails and your correspondence, your pleadings, and your real estate forms are all in one file. It makes it really easy."

- Martin Lieberman, Esq.

Create PDFs quickly

Are you printing out your documents and scanning them back in to create a PDF? You can now convert your documents to PDF within the email instantly. Simply right click the document, select PDF, and email. The ability to convert to PDF format is a great form of risk management, as it locks the attachment so the receiver is not able to amend the document.


Legal Email Management

Record your time

Manually recording time spent on emails is a thing of the past. Transform this administrative work to billable time. With the click of a button, you can record time and work on your emails simultaneously using one system.

Create professional emails

In age in which email is ubiquitous, every email you send must have a professional look. LEAP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, so every email sent will have a unified appearance.

Manage your emails from the palm of your hand

You’re on-the-go and using your iPhone to read emails from your paralegals and clients. Don’t worry about heading back to the office to organize these emails. Rest assured all matter related email correspondences from your mobile device is automatically saved back into your electronic matter.

Legal Email Management that Organizes
by Your Clients’ Matters.

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