Legal Matter Management

Matter Management Software for enhanced organization of matter files.

NJ, NY, and MA law firms with a matter management system have all their documents stored electronically in one place. Practices can organize all their files, correspondences, and emails according to the corresponding matter. Matter management within LEAP eliminates hours wasted searching for information.

Manage matters electronically 

Matter management software enables law firms to arrange and sort all their matter files and documents in one central location. Boxes of manila folders are transformed into electronic matters. An electronic matter is the equivalent of a manila folder. All documents, emails, forms, scans, faxes, and information are filed into the correct matter.

Document management made simple 

Locating all legal documents and files is simple with matter management in LEAP. Since all legal matter is electronically organized by the corresponding electronic matter and searchable by client or matter, practices can efficiently find the information they need. Matter management software permits law firms to respond to their clients in a time efficient manner, as they can easily locate information in the correct electronic matter.


Mobile Legal Matter Management on iPad

"LEAP’s Matter Management is a very beneficial, one-stop shop. It automatically creates matter filing. I don’t need a case cabinet for countless manila folders since I have a virtual office within LEAP’s Legal Case Management System."

- Frank Materia, Esq.
Legal Matter Management - LEAP Law Firm Matter Management in LEAP

Collaborate with matter management

Matter management within LEAP improves collaboration for law firms, both internally and externally. All staff members within the law firm can easily share, view, and access documents stored in the electronic matter, if granted permission. Multiple users can be assigned to view information within the electronic matter simply. Law firms can custom access permission to work together securely on matters.

Store safely

Security is no longer an issue with an adequate matter management system. Automated legal forms, imported documents and all modifications are saved instantly to the matter, ensuring no documents go missing.

Matter Types for all areas of law 

Within our matter management system, there are many different matter types covering all the common areas of law to choose from during the matter opening process, so practices can run all their matters through LEAP. A matter type provides a checklist of required information and relevant forms for that area of law. Matter management and matter types make it possible to have essential client information within reach.


Critical data mergeable

Time spent tediously re-typing client and matter-related information is eliminated. Pre-configured matter types across all areas of law is now readily accessible. Critical data can be simply merged directly from a matter into legal documents and files. Enter in information once to the matter type to be produced across various forms and documents.

PDF compiler

With a matter management and document creation, compiling multiple documents into one PDF is now simple. LEAP allows practices to compile PDFs straight from the corresponding matter. The process is seamless, select the documents that need to be compiled and hit the button “Create Combined PDF.” When the PDF is emailed it will automatically save back into the matter.

Legal Matter Management - Matter List in LEAP

Import documents

One of the main benefits of LEAP’s case management system is having all documents stored electronically in the one place. Incoming correspondences which can be scanned and documents outside of the matter management system can simply be added to the correct matter using the import function. Whether it is a single document or a copious number of files in a folder they can be imported into LEAP.

Emails organized by matter management 

Many law firms use Outlook alone for their email management. However, Outlook is unstructured in terms of email storage. Our matter management feature of our legal software organizes all emails into the correct matter for improved organization and work collaboration in law firms. When practices send an email they can simply select the recipient and the subject line and attachment will merge across. Law firms can add documents directly from the matter they are working on.


Reduce manual errors 

All edits made to client and matter information will be reflected throughout the matter file. This ensures that there are no manual typographical errors throughout legal forms. All files and documents within the matter will not have manual mistakes.

Matter management on-the-go 

Attorneys should be able to access their legal matters wherever they go. LEAP’s case and practice management system enables attorneys to have their matters accessible from anywhere in the world, with our legal mobile app.

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