Reporting Software for Law Firm

Report on your law firm with confidence.

One of the keys to success is keeping up-to-date on the status of your law firm. To recognize your law firm’s potential growth and push for improvement, you must know where your practice stands.

Measure your performance

When you have the pulse of your law firm you’re better able to gauge the amount of work you currently have, the potential matters you can take on, and the additional profits you’ll receive. With reports, accessible at your fingertips, you’ll be able to enhance the measurement of your firm’s performance.

Overview of your firm

To have a bird’s-eye view of your practice, you can instantly access a comprehensive collection of reports. For simple organization and accessibility, the reports are grouped into Matters & Clients, Trust, Office & Management.

Keep on track

There is no time wasted running reports to keep up-to-date. Many of the reports are automatically ran for you and emailed to you, so you don’t have to manually run them. You and your staff will be notified of the latest on your law firm daily, weekly, or monthly.


Communicate effectively

Knowing exactly the state of your law firm, allows you to communicate efficiently with attorneys, third parties and court reporters. The range of reports you have access to are backed-up by advanced data security, so you can be assured that they are safe and secure.

Valuable data at your fingertips

Insight-rich billing and timekeeping reports measure your law firm’s performance with accuracy. You can export all time entries to an Excel spreadsheet and have a picture of your outstanding invoices, WIP and aged debtors.

Custom to your needs

We know that no law firm is the same, and every law firm has a unique character. That’s why we make customized reports to fit your law firms’ needs. You can measure and analyze your data the way you want to.

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