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Attorneys are always on-the-go, whether at an appointment, in court, or on the train. Legal Apps for law firms in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts allow attorneys to turn lost time into profitable time, while outside of the office.

Legal files on-the-go 

With our Legal Mobile App, attorneys can now access all their legal forms and files anywhere, at any time. Our Legal Mobile App allows attorneys to quickly view client and matter information, including all client party contact details, correspondence, critical dates and tasks and important matter financials, including office and trust ledgers.

Legal matter management and searching

Upon opening the legal app, attorneys can easily search for their matters by filtering through the matter list or by searching for the client name. Attorneys can then open their client’s matter and have access to essential information while on-the-go. Finding directions to the next appointment is now simple with LEAP’s Legal Mobile App.


Time tracking instantly

Research shows that attorneys fail to record billable hours outside of their office. With our legal app, attorneys can now instantly time record on all outgoing calls or use the timer to track all external meetings and appointments from their mobile devices.

Time record and practice simultaneously

When attorneys call clients via the legal mobile app they have the option to call with or without time recording. Attorneys can easily record the time and details of the conversation and performs tasks simultaneously. The ability to minimize the time tracker while recording allows attorneys to utilize other features in their phone.

Legal matter and contact details accessible

Attorneys on-the-go can easily find contact details for their clients and other parties with the legal app. When an attorney has access to our LEAP’s Legal Mobile App, he or she does not have to save their contacts to a personal phone. Instead, an attorney can keep his or her contact list organized in the corresponding matter, directly accessible via the mobile app.


Time entries dictated

LEAP’s Legal Mobile App allows attorneys to quickly create time entries, notes and emails by simply talking into their mobile phone. Voice-to-text dictation takes care of the rest.

Critical dates and tasks organized 

Critical dates and tasks are an important part of running a law practice, and are easily accessible wherever you are. Being up-to-date on critical dates and tasks anywhere, at any time is essential to running a practice. With our legal mobile app, attorneys can access all critical dates and tasks stored within their law practice management software.

Legal document creation instantly

Attorneys can instantly access all matter correspondence including letters, forms, emails and PDFs with our legal app for their law firms. When a client or colleague requests a copy of a document, an attorney can easily email the document as a PDF attachment directly from his or her phone, laptop or tablet. The email will automatically save to the corresponding matter within our legal case management software.

Documents scanned as PDFs 

Our legal app for law firms serves as a scanner on-the-go. Attorneys can take photos of important documents, IDs and evidence and save them right back to the corresponding matter as a PDF document in LEAP. Staff and partners at the law firm can then access the PDF in real time.

Matter financials within reach 

Since the legal mobile app directly accesses LEAP’s law practice management software attorneys have access to their clients’ ledger. The ledger highlights any WIP, outstanding debtors, unbilled costs and payments, and trust money balances. Attorneys can also view the ledger to view all invoices and receipts, as well as the trust funds ledger. This is a useful feature if attorneys attend court regularly and need to see if the client deposited money into the trust account.

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