Legal Mobile App

Your office. Anywhere.

The LEAP Mobile App is specifically designed to enable you to work effortlessly from anywhere, at any time, on your favorite device.

How much time do you spend out of the office, whether at an appointment, in court or on the train? Turn lost time into profitable time using the legal mobile application. Practicing law has never been easier, simpler or more enjoyable.

A better way to take your folders with you

Imagine having access to all of your legal files and folders in your pocket, with secure fingerprint access. Quickly view client and matter information including all client party contact details, correspondence, critical dates and tasks and important matter financials including office and trust ledgers.

Every legal document you've ever created is only a tap away

Instantly access all matter correspondence including letters, forms, emails and PDFs from your device. When a client or colleague requests a copy of a document, easily email the document as a PDF attachment directly from your phone, laptop or tablet. The email will automatically save to your matter.


Snap, scan and share on-the-go

Make your camera a scanner. Take photos of important documents, IDs and evidence and save them right back to your matter as a PDF document. Your staff in the office can access the PDF in real time.

Capture every billable minute easily

How much extra work outside of the office could you possibly be billing for? Instantly record time on all outgoing calls or use the timer to track all external meetings and appointments from your mobile device.


Why type, when you can dictate?

Quickly create your time entries, file notes and emails by simply talking into your phone using the law practice app. Let voice-to-text dictation take care of the rest.

Legal mobile app features:

  • Seamless, automatic, real-time synchronization with all devices.
  • All details including documents and correspondence are at your fingertips.
  • Maintain an accurate record of all of your out-of-office activity.
  • Scan documents using your smartphone.
  • Make file comments by typing or voice recording.
  • Record and edit time entries.
  • Convert files to PDFs before emailing to ensure security.
  • Call directly from contact.
  • Access accounting and trust money.

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