Online Payments For Law Firms

Get paid faster using RapidPay payments.

RapidPay is an integrated online payment facility designed specifically for law firms using LEAP. RapidPay enables clients to pay their legal bills or deposit money easily and securely.

It's simple

  • LEAP automatically creates a payment footer in your invoices, statements, and trust payment requests
  • LEAP generates receipts automatically
  • Money goes directly into your trust or office account

And it gets even better. You can run automatic reconciliation of your trust accounts if you use RapidPay.


  • You focus on what you do best, and leave payments to RapidPay.
  • Payments appear instantly in the matter.
  • No need to maintain any payment terminals in your office.
  • No monthly, maintenance, or account keeping fees.
  • No credit card merchant fees *

(*Typically, your client pays the surcharge. However, you have the option of absorbing all or part of the surcharge.)

Everything you need to run
a small law firm.

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