Legal Trust Accounting Software

Manage client trust funds accurately.

Your law firm can greatly benefit with an easy-to-use, accurate product you can trust.

You don’t have to shy away from trust accounting with a system that is user-friendly. Reports are simple to run with a click of the button. You can view previous reports, without having to sort through a pile of folders.

Safe, easy, and effective

When trust accounting gets tedious you often compromise your client accounting responsibilities. With easy movement and production of trust reports, you can look after your client’s money accurately and safely, while complying with your professional obligations. You can stay rest assured that all your billing activity from recoveries to disbursements will be recorded, and overdraft protection will keep you safe and sound.

Simplify it

Trust accounting isn’t difficult when you’re working smarter, not harder. In fact, it’s easy and efficient when you have access to a friendly-user program you can trust. When you have a legal practice management system that performs complex client transactions for you, you’ll spend less money on your bookkeeper and have more money in your pocket.


Manage with a few clicks

With automation, work that used to take hours can be done within a matter-of-seconds. Trust fund accounting is now made simple with customized billing templates and automatic completion of background bookkeeping entries. You’ll be able to generate bills quickly.


Within your practice management software, your firm will now have the tools available to limit the amount of billing errors as well as capture all recoveries and disbursements owed to you.

Legal Trust Accounting Software that Simplifies
Managing Clients’ Trust Funds.

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