Legal Trust Accounting Software

Manage client trust funds accurately.

Law firms in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts don’t have to shy away from trust accounting when they have access to user-friendly trust accounting software. With a trust accounting system, reports are simple to run with a click of a button. Law firms can view previous reports with LEAP’s trust accounting software, without having to sort through a pile of folders.

Simple law office accounting

Trust accounting isn’t difficult with an adequate trust accounting system. In fact, the process is seamless when law firms adopt the right tools. When practices have a trust accounting software that performs complex client transactions, they’ll spend less money on bookkeepers and have more money in their pockets.

Meet the demands of Real Estate Law 

Real Estate Law is fast pace, with a rapid exchange of money changing hands. Practices in this area of law need a legal software that can keep up with this pace and handle the volume. LEAP’s trust accounting features are a fit for even the busiest real estate practices.


Trust account balances

LEAP’s legal trust accounting software is designed to handle copious amounts of data and quickly create reports. The easy-to-use dashboard creates a snapshot of a practice’s current trust account balances. As a result, law firms can make quick additions or removals, as necessary.

Generate bills quickly 

With automation, work that used to take hours can be done within a matter-of-seconds. Trust fund accounting is now made simple with customized billing templates and automatic completion of background bookkeeping entries. Law firms will be able to generate bills quickly.

Avoid malpractice claims  

When trust accounting gets tedious law firms often compromise their trust accounting responsibilities. With easy movement and production of legal reports in LEAP’s trust accounting software, practices can look after their clients’ money accurately and safely, while complying with professional obligations. Law firms will avoid common errors that lead to ethics investigations and malpractice claims.

Overdraft protection 

Practices can stay rest assured that all billing activity from recoveries to disbursements will be recorded with our trust accounting software. Overdraft protection will keep law firms protected.

Keep records 

The ability to print or save reconciliation reports to build an archive that memorializes compliance with recordkeeping requirements allows law firms to have a clean slate. LEAP’s trust accounting system works to keep practices’ records organized. 

Financial data in one place 

LEAP’s integration with Quickbooks means that all the law firm’s financial data is in one place. Practices will no longer have to waste time jumping from system to system to search for their data.

Legal Trust Accounting Software Simplified

Learn how to spend less money on bookkeepers.