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We're passionate about helping law firms in the US achieve efficiencies, boost profitability and operate competitively by using LEAP Legal Software to the very best of their ability. Having seen first hand the success of LEAP in many markets, and the amazing benefits it brings to small law firms, we are excited that we are now sharing that experience with our American clients.

We deliver professional implementation consultancy and training services, developing strong relationships with the businesses we work with along the way. We operate with honesty, openness and integrity. Our services can be offered on a Retainer, Fixed Project or Ad-hoc basis to meet the needs of every law firm project. With our strong Accounting and Legal background, we can ensure the needs of all stakeholders in a law firm are met and aligned.

That's why we're able to build mutually beneficial relationships with clients. As a result, we're rewarded with a loyal, repeat client base for whom we act as a trusted advisor.

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Nicola Moore-Miller ACMA, CGMA, President

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Independent Practice Management Advisor

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Advanced Template Automation Expert

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Boston, MA

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