Certified Independent Consultant

Jeffrey Schultz, Esq.

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My objective is simple -- to provide comprehensive LEAP training and best practices guidance on leveraging LEAP to maximize law firm operations. I have over two decades of law firm experience and a deep understanding of the essential procedures required to operate a law practice.

Additionally, for over a decade, I have provided subject matter expertise and guidance, to large and small firms, on leveraging legal practice software to generate holistic operational solutions and maximize firm efficiencies. Each LEAP client is unique and each has their own standards for communications, generation of deliverables, memorialization of work-product, and recording financial transactions. I work with clients to deliver customized LEAP trainings and tailored consultative guidance that will empower each firm to best leverage and maximize the benefits of the superior end-to-end legal practice management solutions of LEAP.

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Jeff Schultz

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Certified Independent Consultant

Advanced Partner

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- State Bar of New Jersey

- State Bar of New York


Fair Lawn, NJ


Phone: 201-791-7653

Email: jeff@schultzlegal.onmicrosoft.com

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