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Mikrodots Inc. Professional IT Services

We believe the only way to know how good we are is for you to compare us to your current IT provider. Computrs Inc offers full managed service support, immediate phone and remote support. We take pride in solving our clients IT issues. Whether upgrading existing computers, recovering data, or installing a network we work hard to give our clients the solutions they need no matter how impossible the task may initially seem.

Mikrodots was founded in 1996 and has become a leader of managed IT services for companies and law firms in the Greater Boston Region. We have invested our resources over nearly 30 years and have developed a mature managed services model and an established support program structure that delivers consistent, predictable and measurable end results to our clients time after time. Mikrodots is the trusted name for managed IT services, IT project delivery, cloud computing, cyber security solutions, and VoIP telephone systems. We deliver these services through our proprietary process-driven methodology and our “simple to switch” client on-boarding process.

At Mikrodots, we foster a culture of accountability and customer advocacy. We're solutions oriented as a team. We focus on fixing the problem and asking questions later. We set high expectations and target dates and we keep our promises and commitments to our customers and co-workers.

To that end, our Core Values reflect who we are and what we represent.

Mikrodots has become a brand synonymous with exceptional talent. Having grown primarily through word of mouth, our satisfied customers say it best. They refer us to their friends, and are happy to be linked with our brand and name. We deeply appreciate their continued support, which helps us grow our product each and every day.

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Mikrodots Inc. Professional IT Services
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Certified IT Partner

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Mike Doherty

Phone: 781-932-6655

Email: md@mikrodots.com

Justin Small

Phone: 781-932-6655

Email: js@mikrodots.com

Website: www.mikrodots.com



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