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Florida law firms perform many administrative legal tasks that take up a lot of billable time and are over-complicated by various legal practice management systems. Not only do these aspects increase manual firm operations for a Florida law firm, but it also adds to costs in overhead like servers and IT maintenance.

LEAP’s comprehensive legal software for Florida law firms combines case management, automated legal forms, 24/7 online client services, email management, time recording, legal trust accounting, bank reconciliation, Florida e-filing, and legal reporting into one single cloud-based software platform. No matter what device you use, you can access all your case information from LEAP.

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LEAP offers a full library of automated forms for Florida lawyers including:

Access thousands of Florida legal forms, eliminating double-entry and time wasted on court websites. Import your own legal forms or create your own documents that generate with your client's information through LEAP's Microsoft Word integration.

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LEAP is everything you need to run a successful law practice, including case management, automated forms, accounting, and a mobile app for one price, all designed to let you work anywhere, anytime and make your firm more profitable. Our cloud-based software provides every document in your electronic file instantly on all your mobile devices and instantly tracks time when making a call from your cell phone.

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quotations LEAP allows me to have my entire database in the cloud so I can work from home. My attorneys can work from home, or they can work from another office. There's just so much more flexibility now that we have LEAP. quotations

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Family Law Form Automation

Family law attorneys in Florida can now automate their forms and documents, including the important financial forms. Enter your client and case information once into the pre-configured matter type and you can reuse this information throughout the matter. You can generate documents by using the Forms and Templates Library available in LEAP. When you select the form you need from the library, the client and case data from your matter will automatically populate into the document. Eliminate double data entry and save you and your staff hours of time each week.

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Florida E-Filing Simplified

LEAP’s integration with InfoTrack helps Florida law firms eliminate costly data entry and mistakes by e-filing directly from LEAP. LEAP can quickly and easily auto-populate party information, automatically convert to PDF/A, and save your expenses and costs back into the matter.

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