Starting Your Own Law Firm?

LEAP has helped hundreds of lawyers establish firms.

Daunting. Exhilarating. Rewarding.

Starting your own law firm is all of these things. The Get Started guide offers ten real-world tips, based on learnings from hundreds of lawyers who have started their own firms with LEAP practice management software.

LEAP software is packed with features to help you manage your small law firm, so you can start making money, fast.

What you'll learn in this guide

  • Which areas of law to practice - People who love what they do are most successful.
  • How to attract clients - Attracting clients to your firm requires a lot of effort!
  • Where to practice - Ensure that your location and chosen areas of practice align with your marketing plan.
  • Buying a practice - It is often said that small law firms have no worth. This is not true.
  • Making your plan - A plan is necessary, however, we recommend that you do not download a business plan template from a free website.
  • How much money you need - A simple common sense calculation in a spreadsheet will probably enable you to make an initial estimate.
  • Being organized from day 1 - Don't risk forgetting something important that may delay or inconvenience the commencement of your business.
  • Software options - Today, cloud software offers the ability to run a successful law firm from anywhere.
  • Technology infrastructure - It is important to choose a technology supplier that is familiar with the needs of small law firms.
  • Compliance - While there are always rules to be followed, compliance should not be a burden to you.
Start a Law Firm - Download the manual