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LEAP delivers cutting edge technology to law firms like yours, delivering new products, user feature requests, and regular updates.

Since LEAP arrived in the US, there have been many additions to better serve law firms like yours. With the recent arrival of social distancing, LEAP is the only true cloud software that makes it possible for lawyers and their staff to work from home or the office without disruption. Users can work from anywhere, at anytime with our LEAP Desktop, LEAP Web App, and LEAP Mobile App (iPad, iPhone and Android).

LEAP informs clients of product updates and releases via monthly newsletters, email, social media updates, announcements on the LEAP Help Center, and other channels.


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LEAP Free Online On-Demand Training Resources

LEAP offers training resources to clients via free monthly training webinars, bi-weekly forms webinars, on-demand lessons via LEAP University, and additional dedicated training services where needed. LEAP Support is also available for additional resources.

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LEAP University provides on-demand lessons and training

LEAP Support

LEAP offers 24/7 support via the LEAP Help Center and HelpDesk. Help Center is where users can browse online help articles, step-by-step instructions, or post questions or feature requests. LiveChat consultants can provide you with prompt assistance, and remote access is available 24/7 for firms while working anywhere at anytime.

Matter Types, Automated Forms, Calculators, and more

The LEAP Team works to creates matter types, cards and tables across multiple states and areas of law. LEAP creates and regularly updates automated forms (including the fields and calculations), and develops quick calculators, and legal rates. Users can also create recurring matters and import and automate your own forms and templates.

View the matter types and forms available for your state.

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APR 2023

Accounting Settings University Course Released

LEAP University, a free, on-demand training platform, released a new course on LEAP Accounting Settings. This course covers how users can set up billing categories, reporting groups, and invoice layouts. Additionally, it teaches law firms how to integrate LEAP with their general ledger accounting system.

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APR 2023

Firm & Matter Analytics App Updates

The Firm & Matter Analytics App was updated to give law firms additional features to track critical metrics to measure law firm success. New features include Staff Time Analysis, Rates Summary, and Firm Performance: Hours. Additionally, this update helps ensure data security by allowing users to save these screens directly to the Admin matter.

Learn More About LEAP Reporting

MAR 2023

Call Logging App University Course Released

LEAP University, a free, on-demand training platform, released one new course on the Call Logging app. This course teaches users how to record the details of incoming calls, assign them to relevant staff members, and manage the log and any follow up actions required to ensure timely client follow-up.

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FEB 2023

LawConnect Client Portal Released

The new LawConnect Client Portal offers functionality to simplify matter management for attorneys and their clients. Updated functionality allows clients to view clients without an account and respond quickly to requests. Additionally, law firms can build brand recognition with a branded LawConnect Client Portal and enhance data security with improved user access.

Learn more about LawConnect, securing document sharing and collaboration.

JAN 2023

LawToolBox & Application Settings Courses Released

LEAP University, a free, on-demand training platform, released two new courses on the LawToolBox integration and application settings. These courses cover how users can utilize LEAP and LawToolBox to manage legal deadlines and how to tailor the system to meet the needs of their firms through key settings.

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DEC 2022

LEAP Certified as a Great Place to Work

LEAP is certified as a Great Place to Work, demonstrating a commitment to a strong employee experience through its commitment to diversity, innovation, and career autonomy. Read the press release to learn more.

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DEC 2022

Closing Disclosure (CD) Super Layout Released for Real Estate Law Firms

Real estate legal professionals are now able to easily prepare CD documents within LEAP. The CD super layout improves matter workflow, reduces manual work, enhances record-keeping, and streamlines accounting for law firms.

Learn more about the CD super layout

NOV 2022

Winner of Overall Practice Management Solution of the Year by LegalTech Breakthrough

LEAP won “Overall Practice Management Solution of the Year” by a leading marketing intelligence organization, LegalTech Breakthrough. Read the press release to see why LEAP was recognized for its commitment to supporting law firms with industry-leading legal cloud software.

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NOV 2022

New LEAP Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Program Launched

LEAP is providing additional value to attorneys with a CLE program for the United States. Legal professionals can gain free CLE credits and learn about rules of professional conduct, relevant case law, and ethical opinions on popular topics.

Earn free CLE credits

SEPT 2022

Winner of Best SaaS Product for Law and Legal Services by The SaaS Awards

LEAP is recognized as the “Best SaaS Product for Law and Legal Services” in the 2022 international SaaS Awards program for providing innovative legal software, high-quality support resources, and ongoing training. Read the press release to learn more.

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AUG 2022

New LEAP Call Logging App

Call Logging, in the LEAP App Marketplace, delivers an easier way for law firms to manage incoming telephone calls centrally. Simply capture the nature of an inquiry, associate it with a matter, and assign it to a staff member.

Learn more about LEAP Call Logging

FEB 2022

Winner of Best Software as a Service for US Small and Mid-Sized Businesses by Cloud Awards

LEAP, the leading cloud-based legal practice productivity solution, has been declared the winner of “Best Software as a Service - USA (SMB)” for the 2021-22 Cloud Awards. Read the press release to learn more.

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FEB 2022

LEAP Offers Nationwide Service of Process Through InfoTrack Integration

The InfoTrack integration with LEAP now allows you to place service of process orders nationwide, with all expenses tracked in the LEAP Matter, which automatically syncs to your affidavit of service in your LEAP Matter upon completion.

Learn more about the InfoTrack integration

DEC 2021

CATIC Integration Launches for Massachusetts and New York Real Estate Title Agents and Attorneys

LEAP announces partnership with CATIC family of companies to offer MA and NY title agents and real estate attorneys access to LEAP, the #1 legal practice productivity solution.

Learn More About the CATIC and LEAP Partnership

NOV 2021

LEAP 2.3 Released

The latest version of LEAP enables law firms to improve productivity with advanced calendaring, a Clause Library, mobile updates, and more.

See what's new with LEAP 2.3

NOV 2021

Winner of Overall Case Management Platform of the Year by LegalTech Breakthrough

LEAP legal practice productivity solution has been named “Overall Case Management Platform of the Year” in the LegalTech Breakthrough Awards program. Read the press release to learn more about this award.

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OCT 2021

LawToolBox Integration Launches for Court Deadlines

New LEAP users can set legal deadlines, manage critical dates, and more with the LawtoolBox integration. Stay on track with deadlines, up-to-date on case process mandates, and eliminate the risk for missed court deadlines.

Learn More About the LEAP and LawToolBox Partnership

AUG 2021

LawConnect Mobile App

LawConnect was built for LEAP to enhance document management and collaboration just for attorneys. The new LawConnect mobile app lets LEAP users securely share documents with their clients from anywhere. Available on iOS and Android devices, clients can easily view and collaborate on documents, share files, provide signatures, and pay invoices from their mobile device.

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JULY 2021

LEAP Marketplace

The LEAP Marketplace is the best resource tool for users to find apps that integrate with LEAP. Offering a variety of apps to suit a law firm’s needs, the LEAP Marketplace adds functionality to LEAP matters, cards, and more. All LEAP users can browse, enable, and manage the apps within LEAP. The LEAP Marketplace is also open to all developers to make more integrations that can be regularly available and customizable.

See apps in LEAP Marketplace

JULY 2021

LEAP Mobile App Course Released

LEAP University now has a new course on the LEAP Mobile App. In this course, LEAP users will learn how to download the app and manage matters, including using cards, recording time, and saving emails and documents against the LEAP Matter.

Start the LEAP Mobile App University Course.

JUNE 2021

LEAP Matter Statement

The new LEAP Matter Statement allows firms to see all of the fees and expenses recorded against a particular matter and date range. You can also include or exclude payments received on the matter and/or a trust statement. This Matter Statement is available through LEAP Firm & Matter Analytics.

Create a Matter Statement now.

DEC 2020

LEAP for Word Released for Key Financial Statements

LEAP for Word is a side panel that allows users to update their document with case and client information, while working in Microsoft Word. These have been added for forms such as:

Start using LEAP for Word and view all available LEAP for Word forms.

DEC 2020

LEAP 2.1 Released

LEAP 2.1 rolls out to LEAP users with many new features including split billing, special fees, quick invoicing, and more!

View the full list of features

SEPT 2020

LEAP E-Billing Course Launched

LEAP University, LEAP’s free, on demand training platform, released a new course on LEAP E-Billing. Free training takes users through setting up the LEAP E-Billing app, configuring LEDEs matters and exporting invoices to LEDES1998B billing format.

JUNE 2020

Remote Training Catalog

LEAP offers a full library of remote training resources for its users, including videos, courses, guided articles and more. View the full list.

APR 2020

Internal Collaboration: Microsoft Teams and Zoom

LEAP Desktop now integrates with Microsoft Teams and Zoom for internal collaboration while working from anywhere. Users can schedule and start meetings directly from the matter via both channels. Also through Microsoft Teams, you can send documents, matters, or notify staff to call clients back.

APR 2020

Save Emails from Outlook App and Time Record with Facetime

Practicing law from anywhere is easier than ever. The LEAP Mobile App integrates with the Microsoft Outlook mobile app, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Additionally, the LEAP Mobile App is fully integrated with FaceTime allowing users to instantly save & time record video calls.

View Notifications List, Add Folders, Insert Fields and More in LEAP Web

APR 2020

LEAP Web was updated so that users can share documents securely via LawConnect Admin Portal, find, view and edit individual people and staff with the people list, view a notifications list and the new retained trust Funds tab. Users can also create and authorize expense requests, create new customizable templates for your matters, add folders to forms & templates, insert fields and questions in documents, duplicate items in the correspondence list, and more.

E-Billing Launched

MAR 2020

E-Billing is a LEAP partner add-in that exports invoices in LEDES1998B billing format. It includes the ability to export invoices for a specific matter or for a specified period of time, as well as export multiple invoices at once and save them to individual files or to a combined file.

LEAP Announces Fully Remote Services

MAR 2020

LEAP provides all firms with resources to work remotely immediately with minimal disruption to their business. LEAP is cloud-based and is available anywhere, at any time. LEAP can now install and train firms completely remotely.

Access HelpDesk from LEAP App

MAR 2020

Receive HelpDesk support from anywhere, at anytime, straight from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Download the LEAP App now on your iPhone or Android.

LEAP 2x: Invoicing Flexibility, History of Changes, Retainer Replenishments and More

JAN 2020

The release of LEAP 2x provided valuable innovation for firms including invoicing flexibility, a modern user interface including multi-window support, enhanced document management, notifications list, history of changes, retainer replenishment reminders, document saved alerts, and more.

JAN 2020

Amazon Alexa Time Recording

Capture time and fees while working from home or the office with the voice-activated Amazon Alexa and the LEAP Assistant.

New LEAP Reports Such as Invoice Variance and Expense Recovery Listing

JAN 2020

LEAP has added Expense Recovery Listing Report, Document Packets Report, and Invoice Variance Report. View the full list of available LEAP reports here.

JAN 2020

LEAP University: Free, On-demand Training

LEAP University, LEAP’s on-demand, free, online training platform is now available to all LEAP users. Login with your LEAP credentials for instant access. LEAP University provides all the training and materials you need to learn more about the basics or get started for the first time. “Getting Started” and “Office Accounting” courses are available.

JAN 2020

RapidPay Payment Reminders

Automated payment reminders can be sent to clients for all unpaid Anticipated Trust Deposit statements within LEAP.

SEP 2019

SmartWatch Time Recording

The new WatchOS and WearOS functionality give users the flexibility to capture time anywhere at any time.

Bulk LEDES Billing

AUG 2019

LEAP now offers the ability to create LEDES billing files in bulk. Start creating invoices now.

AUG 2019

Share Documents on LEAP Web or App

Users can now share documents securely from any connected device with the introduction of LawConnect on LEAP Web, iPhone, iPad and Android.

LEAP App: Voice Memos and Face ID

JUL 2019

Users can play, record and save voice memos to correspondence and use Face ID to login to the LEAP mobile app. Download the LEAP App now on your iPhone or Android.

LEAP App: Create Matters and Hide Caller ID

MAY 2019

Users now have the ability to create matters from the LEAP mobile app, hide Caller ID, and drag and drop items. Download the LEAP App now on your iPhone or Android.

APR 2019

LEAP Enters into Joint Venture with PCLaw | Time Matters

LexisNexis selected LEAP as the official cloud provider for PCLaw and Time Matter users. View the official press release here.

FEB 2019

Forms Automation Webinars

LEAP offers bi-weekly training webinars with basic and advanced instructions on how to utilize LEAP forms and templates, plus how you can import and automate your own. Visit the LEAP Help Center to access these webinars and view upcoming dates.

Free, Monthly, Online Training Webinars

DEC 2018

LEAP now offers free monthly training webinars for all LEAP users. Presented by the LEAP Practice Management Advisors Team, these sessions provide users with varying degrees of LEAP knowledge across all functions. Visit the LEAP Help Center to view our upcoming sessions.

DEC 2018

New: RapidPay, Powered by LawPay

Simplify your bank reconciliation and automate payments with our integrated RapidPay payments platform. Learn more about how your firm can get paid faster here.

Email/Print Statements in Bulk and Customize Invoices

OCT 2018

Users can now email or print statements in bulk, customize invoice templates, and save emails directly to folders. View the full release here.

Scan Documents From Your Phone to the LEAP Matter

SEPT 2018

Users can scan and save documents directly to the matter from the LEAP mobile app. They can also email or print invoices in bulk, assign matters to reporting groups, and store documents, such as ID, against cards. Download the LEAP App now on your iPhone or Android. Users can also create forms and templates on the iPad.

Request e-Signatures for Retainer Agreements

JUL 2018

Users can request electronic signatures (eSignatures) using LawConnect and DocuSign for a range of retainer agreements in LEAP’s forms and templates.

LEAP Expansion into New England

NOV 2017

LEAP US opens an office in Boston and officially expands to New England.

Instant Time Recording on Comments, Compare Documents, and Preview Templates

OCT 2017

Users can also use the new Trust Bank Reconciliation window. View full release here.

LEAP App Released

JUN 2017

Users can now add multiple attachments when sending emails, easily add Microsoft 365 and Gmail accounts and pinned correspondence in LEAP Desktop will now show on the app. Download the LEAP App now on your iPhone or Android.

Calculators and Rates Added for LEAP US Software


Quick Calculators are created and maintained by the LEAP content team. They are there so that you don’t have to go outside of LEAP to do a quick calculation or view a legal rate. View the full list of LEAP Calculators and legal rates for your state and area of law on the LEAP Help Center.

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LEAP is founded in Australia


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