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Simplify Legal E-Filing with InfoTrack Integration

Law firms filing in California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New York and Texas can eliminate costly data entry and mistakes by E-Filing directly from LEAP.

See how efiling court cases directly from LEAP cloud software can simplify your filing process

LEAP’s InfoTrack integration helps litigation firms automate key aspects of the court filing process and expense all its costs. Pay only per order placed, with all expenses automatically added to the operating account ledger to be included on the next invoice to the client. Automate your legal e-filing now.

Electronic Signature Management

Mark documents for electronic signatures and distribute them to signing parties. Finalized documents sync back to your matter. LEAP automates your case management with InfoTrack.

Faster E-Filing

Launch e-filing orders in California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New York and Texas from LEAP, selecting documents directly from your matter. The moment stamped copies are issued by the court, they sync back effortlessly to LEAP.

DocketSync Software

DocketSync synchronizes current filing, order, and exhibit information from the New York courts’ NYSCEF website and the New Jersey courts’ eCourts website to your LEAP matter. You will never need to copy docket updates manually again.

Built-in Process Serving

Order information is instantly populated from LEAP. Served documents and proof-of-service automatically upload to your matter. Further, all InfoTrack orders and court filing expenses are captured as expense recoveries in LEAP automatically.

Faster E-Filing in America’s Busiest Courts

Legal e-filing is available in California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New York and Texas courts. In New York, InfoTrack can sync the latest docket information directly from NYSCEF and New Jersey, saving you countless hours of monitoring and copying it yourself. Save time with InfoTrack.

InfoTrack integration - save time with legal efiling and electronic signature software for lawyers

Streamline Your Legal Civil Cases

Managing your civil cases can be a long and tedious process. That is why many attorneys struggle with creating standard legal processes and use different legal and e-filing systems to simplify this practice.

InfoTrack integrates with LEAP to provide a streamlined and automated process in managing civil cases with features such as automated court forms, e-filing, process of serving, and more.

Download this free e-book now to find out how you can improve civil case management.  

LEAP works with Infotrack to streamline your legal civil cases

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