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LEAP legal software integration - Managing critical dates and legal deadlines has never been easier with LawToolBox
LawToolBox - Manage Deadlines with LEAP

Manage critical dates and legal deadlines

Attorneys, particularly litigators, are tasked with calculating, creating, and tracking critical court deadlines for long and often complex legal cases. Missed dates and poorly managed court deadlines, can not only strain client relationships, but also introduce the possibility of malpractice lawsuits. LawToolBox’s integration with LEAP legal practice productivity solution is designed to streamline the process of managing all of your critical legal deadlines and court dates.

LEAP Legal Practice Productivity Solution and LawToolBox Partner to Help Lawyers Never Miss a Deadline

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Calculate your court dates with LEAP's integration with LawToolBox
Reduce legal malpractice risks when you utilize LEAP's integration with LawToolBox
Experience LEAP's seamlessly integrated calandering features with Microsoft 365 and LawToolBox

Calculate, Create, and Track Critical Court Deadlines

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Calculate Court Dates and Automate Legal Deadlines

LawToolBox maps out critical dates for a case and calculates it according to that specific legal matter. Rest easy knowing that the legal deadlines are accurate and up-to-date for your state and legal case type. You can also customize the dates and deadlines to suit your needs and preferences. If you change, remove, or add deadlines, LEAP legal practice productivity solution will automatically reflect everything across your cloud-connected devices.

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Reduce Legal Malpractice Risks

Legal malpractice suits are not only costly, but they damage a law firm’s reputation, relationship, and credibility. Oftentimes, law firms try to manage critical dates manually, and an error causes an avalanche of mistakes throughout the legal case. Utilizing legal deadline automation software provides you with peace of mind, particularly for attorneys who deal with deadline and date-driven litigation cases.

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The Power of Microsoft 365

LawToolBox’s integration with LEAP legal practice productivity solution allows law firms to reference, calculate, and calendar rules-based court dates and legal deadlines in Outlook. Increase your efficiency across all of your matters when you use LEAP to send and retrieve Outlook email correspondence and LawToolBox to manage your critical calendaring activities.

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