LEAP legal software integration - Easy law firm collaboration with Microsoft Office 365

See how LEAP makes law firm collaboration easy by utilizing Microsoft integration in legal software.

Utilize LEAP’s Microsoft 365 Integrations to Streamline Productivity for Your Law Firm

Microsoft 365 provides flexible and familiar tools for collaboration across teams, devices, and platforms. Small law firms produce many documents that include complex and repetitive calculations. LEAP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 to provide a more efficient working experience. Your letters, agreements, deeds, and other legal document templates are all created in Word with an extensive library of standard forms available for you to use.

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Document Automation

When you select a legal template in Word or make an Excel spreadsheet, the law firm data is automatically populated into the merge fields. Once saved, the legal document is automatically saved to the matter you are working on. Even if more than one person is working on a document, all versions are preserved.

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Sync Emails With Your LEAP Matters

The integration with Outlook instantly associates outgoing emails with the matter you are working on. Incoming emails are associated with the matter and replies can be automatically routed to the correct matter. You can save your emails to your matter via the LEAP Mobile App.

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Schedule Video Calls With Microsoft Teams

LEAP’s integration with Microsoft Teams lets you schedule video calls with one click so you can remotely meet with staff, clients, co-counsel, and other parties. Make video meetings easy when you give your attendees the option to use Microsoft Teams.

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