Automated Legal Billing Software

Professional and elegant invoices generated in minutes, directly from your case, to make client billing quick and easy.

Save time and bill from anywhere

  • Generate bills quickly and minimize billing errors with automated legal billing.
  • Easily customize your billing templates to match your brand and letterhead.
  • Capture billable time on-the-go or out of the office with the LEAP Mobile App, ensuring that you know exactly how much time has been spent on each case and can bill clients accordingly.
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online to track billable units, manage trust and clients' accounts, and capture disbursements.
  • The LEAP legal practice productivity solution is designed to reduce your admin time and bookkeeper and accounting costs.
  • Save money otherwise spent on a bookkeeper.
  • Whether you own a law firm or are part of a growing law practice, efficient billing allows you to get paid faster and make more money.
No matter where I am, I can bill - automated legal billing for lawyers - Staci's Story

Make more money

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Save time and money with the LEAP purpose-built law firm billing software

Save with error-free billing for lawyers

Generate error-free bills in real-time with legal e-billing software. Select from hourly rate or flat rate fee options, whichever best suits your firm's work. Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online allows attorneys to track billable units, manage trust and client accounts, and capture all disbursements efficiently.

Bill faster with a comprehensive solution

View all your recoveries and disbursements in one place, allowing you to have a clear idea of the financial state of your firm. LEAP automated legal billing software reduces the number of billing mistakes, and makes it easier to bill faster. The LEAP legal timekeeping and billing software features combine to save you time and money when tracking billable hours and creating invoices.

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Easily create and access meaningful billing reports

With LEAP you can create and schedule regular reports or run ad-hoc reports as and when you need them. Integrated billing software enables you to keep on top of account admin and outstanding invoices, helping you to spend less time on redundant work and more time on your clients.

Simplify the process: Pre-Billing Guide

The LEAP Pre-Billing Guide allows law firms to print off a report and review it before generating bills and finalizing an invoice. See everything in one place to save you time and avoid mistakes.

Save money on bookkeepers

Rather than spending a fortune on bookkeepers to complete complex trust accounting, LEAP legal billing software allows you to save money, bill faster, and get paid on time. Simplify your legal e-billing system with automated software.


LEAP Pre-Billing Guide - review reports before generating bills and invoices with automated legal billing

“There are plenty of times that I work from home or I work remotely and in the past if I forgot to write down my time on a piece of paper and then forgot to input it when I got back to the office, I lost a lot of billable time. Now I have not only LEAP on my desktop, but I have LEAP on my phone, I have LEAP on my iPad so no matter where I am, I can bill.”

Staci Greenwald, Esq.

Staci Greenwald


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best software for billing?

There are numerous billing softwares for attorneys and lawyers on the market, and the best option will depend on your law firm's needs.

Below are a few factors which you should consider when choosing a billing software:

What is legal e-billing?

Traditional billing processes have been replaced by online software, sometimes referred to as legal e-billing. Law firms have streamlined their processes, removing inefficiencies and improving accuracy. Additionally, e-billing software for lawyers includes other functionality like timesheets and document management.

How do I use legal billing software to send invoices to clients?

LEAP allows users to draft, edit, and send invoices to their clients directly from the software. RapidPay integrates with LEAP to send automatic payment reminders and provide an online payment portal for clients to pay their invoice or replenish their retainer.

Can I customize the look of my invoices?

Yes, you can upload existing invoice templates to be sent to your clients in LEAP.

Can I see which clients haven't paid their bills?

Yes, you can view the current payment status in LEAP and send automatic payment reminders with RapidPay.

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