Legal Document Management Software

Use LEAP’s smart legal document management software to file, retrieve and share case information.

Save time and make more money with legal document automation

  • Locate legal documents and cases easily online.
  • Track changes and automatically add error-free client data.
  • Snap, scan, and save important files with secure, unlimited storage.
  • Work with Microsoft Office, which integrates completely with LEAP.
  • Become a paperless boutique law firm with LEAP’s cloud-based practice management software and mobile app.


A wonderful way of managing your files - Cassandra Savoy, Esq.

Locate legal documents and cases easily online

Search for legal documents quickly with our high-caliber search engine, which detects the most vague or complex phrase and directs you instantly to the correct document. By saving all case files in one electronic system, you can easily access information filed away years ago at the click of a button.

Track changes made to legal documents

Save and track changes to all your legal documents and forms in one single case management system. Edits are date and time stamped for quick and transparent collaboration within law firms. Generate consistent, error-free legal documents through legal document automation. Simply enter client data once for it to automatically pre-populate across all legal forms instantly. This automation allows law firms to provide identical, accurate information across multiple forms.

Snap, scan, and save with secure, unlimited storage

Busy modern attorneys don’t have time to make a trip back to the office just to add a signed document. Just snap, scan, and save documents on-the-go with the legal mobile app. Enjoy unlimited storage of all your documents (including previous versions), secured by security controls including firewalls, data encryption and audits. Version control allows attorneys to manage and track all changes made or view original documents.

Integration with Microsoft Office 365

LEAP legal case management software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365. You can open Microsoft Office from within LEAP, enhancing efficiency as you avoid switching between multiple programs, allowing you to use Microsoft Office as you normally would.

Become a Paperless Office

Toss your paper files and cabinets; you can store all your case files within LEAP and access them from court, on your daily commute, or on a client visit. New Jersey attorney Cassandra Savoy disposed of 30 cartons of paper thanks to LEAP, freeing up office space and allowing her firm to work-on-the-go. Instead of printing legal documents, send PDFs which recipients can view but not amend without authorization.

Manage your law firm's legal case documents from anywhere with the LEAP Mobile App

Benefit from a better legal document management system


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