Law Firm Email Management

Organize your law firm’s email by case, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook for lawyers.

Case management integrated with legal email management

  • Automatically save emails to the correct case, stored in one central location, and access them from anywhere.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Outlook to ensure consistent, professional correspondence.
  • Quickly create PDFs from documents and email them to clients from your computer or phone.
  • Instantly record time spent on emails to bill directly to the correct case.
All your emails and files in one folder - Martin Liberman

Legal Email Management with LEAP

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Manage your emails from one central system

Rather than switch between your email and legal practice management software, LEAP allows attorneys to send and receive emails from within LEAP, saving attorneys time and money. Emails are categorized by case and automatically saved to facilitate simple search and secure storage.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook for lawyers

LEAP integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, so you can rest assured every email bears consistent, professional branding reflective of your law firm.

Create and email legal document PDFs quickly

Gone are the days of printing documents and scanning them to create a PDF. LEAP case management software allows for documents to be converted to PDFs and emailed. Converting a document to PDF ensures that recipients are able to view, but not amend, documents, protecting the document from unauthorized changes.


Record time as you go

Instead of manually recording time spent drafting or reviewing emails, LEAP allows attorneys to instantly record time spent on emails - while they are drafting or reviewing an email. This allows attorneys to turn dull administrative work into more billable hours - better law firm email management makes lawyers more money.

Legal email management on-the-go

Attorneys can now access, manage, and respond to emails wherever they are from their desktop or laptop or using the LEAP mobile app from a smartphone or tablet. All emails are automatically saved to the relevant case, regardless of whether you accessed those emails from your mobile device or your desktop. No longer will you need to spend time organizing emails; LEAP does this for you automatically, allowing you more time for billable work.

Law firm email management is easy with seamless Microsoft Outlook integrated into LEAP

“With LEAP, now you can keep your files, all of your emails, pleadings and real estate forms in one folder. It makes it really easy”

Martin Liberman - single integrated email management software for law firms

Martin Liberman


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