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LEAP Includes an Up-to-Date Library of Automated New Jersey Legal Forms

Save time searching court websites or government departments by accessing up-to-date New Jersey legal forms with LEAP. Our extensive library of New Jersey legal forms includes Substitution of Attorney, Letter of Representation to Insurance Carrier, Notice of Appearance, and much more.

LEAP has the 10 most popular legal forms for New Jersey attorneys and more

  • Seller's Residency Certification - (LL-NJ-REE-0085)
  • 1099-S Reporting Form (LEAP for Word) - (LD-FED-REE-0238)
  • Certification of Insurance Coverage Pursuant to R. 5:4-f (LD-NJ-FAM-0025)
  • Summons (Divorce) (LL-NJ-FAM-0123)
  • Certificate of Non-Foreign Status (FIRPTA) Affidavit (LD-NJ-REE-0206)
  • Affidavit of Title- Individual or Married Couple (LD-NJ-REE-0190)
  • Case Management Order (R. 5:5-7) (LL-NJ-FAM-0011)
  • Confidential Litigant Information Sheet
  • Acknowledgement of Service of Summons and Complaint (by Attorney) (LD-NJ-FAM-0115)
  • Answer and Counterclaim (LL-NJ-FAM-0098)


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