Meet the
Legal Researchers

The LEAP Content Team consists of attorneys and legal industry experts fully committed to providing legal content that helps simplify the complexities of running a legal practice and improves productivity and efficiency.

LEAP Legal Practice Productivity


By combining their legal backgrounds with the latest technology, our Legal Researchers work with Content Database Designers and Innovations Specialists to continually improve matter types, tables, layouts, and forms for LEAP clients across multiple areas of law.

Legal Researchers utilize their legal knowledge and trusted resources to research forms, legislation, and legal processes to ensure the consistency and quality of content released in LEAP matter types, dates, and automated forms.

Katherine Marzouca - Leadership Headshot

Head of Content

Katherine Marzouca

Katherine Marzouca is the Head of Content for LEAP US. Before joining the LEAP team in 2017, Katherine worked as a junior attorney for the Florida Department of Children & Families. At LEAP, she ensures user-friendly and trustworthy legal content for LEAP users.

Christina Winslow - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Director

Christina Winslow

Christina previously practiced family, real estate, wills and estates, landlord-tenant, and commercial lending matters. She also was a manager for the offshore Poland Forms Design team and a legal researcher for the New York Legal Research team.

Ari Bulmash - Leadership Headshot

LEAP Wealth Content Manager

Ari Bulmash

Ari started his career in public defense before practicing wills and estate and family litigation for the Solano County Deputy Public Defender, where he focused on efficiency and practice management through technology.

Giacomina Pirolo - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Manager

Giacomina Pirolo

Gia joined LEAP after attending law school focusing on litigation and personal injury law. Gia interned at private law firms and the Trial Court Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution and practiced under Rule 3:03 of the Supreme Judicial Court at the MA Attorney General’s Office.

Mariah Kopeykin - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Mariah Kopeykin

Mariah joined LEAP from higher education where she worked with Hillsborough County Community College’s Title IX/Equity and Diversity department. Prior to HCC, Mariah spent some time with the York County Prosecutor’s Office Victim/Witness program.

Alison Signorelli - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Manager

Alison Signorelli

Alison is a certified paralegal that spent over ten years working for small and mid-sized New Jersey law firms. Most recently, she worked as an independent paralegal assisting attorneys with residential real estate and family law matters.

David Hubinger - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

David Hubinger

David was a litigation associate for Scott D. Levine, APC, representing homeowners and community associations in construction defect claims. He also represented clients in California Constitutional challenges relating to water rights and rates.

Evan Kleiman - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Evan Kleiman

Evan was an associate at Mandelbaum Barrett PC, where he represented commercial banks, investment banks, finance companies, and other commercial lenders in structuring and negotiating secured lending transactions.

Alyse Berger - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Alyse Berger

Alyse worked in the public sector for a public retirement system that oversaw coordinating the system's disability retirement program. Before that, she exclusively practiced family law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Joseph Gryzlo - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Joseph Gryzlo

Joseph worked as an associate at Herzfeld & Rubin, P.C., in the firm's litigation department. He uses his legal background to help tailor the LEAP legal practice productivity solution to law firms' needs.

Caridad Domiguez - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Caridad Dominguez

Caridad started her career by volunteering with attorneys in Student Legal Services and interning with a credit union's Legal and Compliance department, where she focused on pro bono immigration and tax work.

Alec Rees - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Alec Rees

Alec worked at the Austin Tenants Council, providing community education on the legal issues impacting local renters. Before that, he worked with nonprofits and state government agencies on indigent criminal defense, disability law, and civil rights impact litigation.

Jessika Morris - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Jessika Morris

Jessika started her career representing domestic violence survivors and clients in family law and criminal cases before working as a Legal Team Lead for the Department of Homeland Security. Most recently, she spent almost four years doing government contract work.

Elena Khalatian - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Elena Khalatian

Elena was a co-founder of an AI-based tech startup. Before that, she worked at Fordham's Intellectual Property as a Dean's Fellow on various copyright, privacy, and business law proceedings. She also worked as a research assistant to former Fordham Dean Feerick.

Paola Leichter - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Paola Leichter

Paola has worked for boutique trust and estate firms and a nonprofit organization in New Jersey and New York. Before that, she interned for the Morris County Surrogate Court.

Kayla Brennan - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Kayla Brennan

Kayla worked in private practice, advising clients in estate planning, trust and estate administration, and business planning matters. She utilizes her experience to implement solutions for firms specializing in trust, estates, and probate matters.

Wendy Brown - Leadership Headshot

Legal Research Specialist

Wendy Brown

Wendy joined LEAP after completing a deployment to Kuwait and Iraq. Previously, she interned with the San Diego County Public Defender's Office, the University of San Diego's Appellate Legal Clinic, and Army National Guard JAG Offices in Vermont and California.

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