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LEAP Add-Ons - LawTap

LawTap is the most popular lawyer booking engine and directory in the country. It enables your prospects and clients to book with you directly from your website, email signature or from the LawTap website.

How does LawTap work with LEAP?

LawTap integrates with LEAP through its secure connection with your existing Calendar (including Outlook, Office365 and Google Calendar).

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LawTap makes it easy for clients to book online with you via your LawTap Lawyer Profile or your LawTap Booking Button on your website or email signature.

The LawTap Booking Button delivers the instant gratification that clients expect when researching and booking online 24x7. Website contact forms and trying to schedule appointments over email are no comparison to LawTap.

LawTap synchronizes with your existing Calendar so that appointments made in LEAP/your Calendar are blocked out as busy in your LawTap online calendar, to ensure no double bookings.

LEAP Legal Software Integrations | LawTap

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