Legal Time Tracking Software for Lawyers

Accurately record billable hours and charge for your time.

Legal time recording from anywhere

  • Never miss billable hours by instantly recording all client work.
  • Intuitive time tracking software records activities in seconds.
  • Record time spent on client work directly to the correct case.
  • Track time through your mobile device, which syncs with LEAP.


Time tracking software for lawyers works from anywhere, on any device - never miss billable hours

Instant Time Management
for Lawyers

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Never miss a billable minute

Over 56% of attorneys admit to underestimating their billable hours. This means law firms are missing out on substantial profits because firms are failing to capture all their hours via manual entry timesheets. LEAP allows attorneys to capture time efficiently through intuitive timesheet software. LEAP’s time and billing software features combine to ensure you get paid for all your hard work - record billable hours with confidence.

Time record in seconds

Imagine intuitive timesheet entry software which allows attorneys to instantly record their daily activities. By simply selecting “Time, Save, and Close,” attorneys can instantly record time spent on a document, phone call, email or task. Timekeeping has never been simpler.

Record time on-the-go

Busy attorneys can now record and track time spent out of the office, in court, in client meetings or working remotely. LEAP’s legal time tracking software for lawyers allows instant time recording on outgoing calls and external meetings and appointments out of the office. Just completed a court appearance? File notes and record the time spent in court on your mobile through the LEAP Mobile App, which instantly syncs with the timesheet within LEAP, saving you a trip back to the office.

"I use the Timesheet every day. I regularly capture more time on a daily basis than I used to prior to LEAP; that in itself makes more productive and makes me more money.”

Pamela Green - Esq.

Pamela Green

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