Legal Trust Accounting Software for Law Firms

Perform complex trust accounting transactions with LEAP automation.

Automated legal trust accounting simplifies the needs of law firms

  • Simplify law office accounting with software able to handle large amounts of data and perform complex transactions.
  • Generate bills quickly and view current trust account balances through an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Work with peace of mind with IOLTA and state bar rule compliant trust accounting.
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Legal Trust Accounting for Attorneys

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Simplify law office accounting

Trust accounting software allows attorneys to perform their own complex transactions quickly and accurately. LEAP's easy-to-use dashboard offers a snapshot of current trust account balances. This ensures that attorneys are able to comply with their professional obligations to manage client money and avoid malpractice claims from inadvertent mismanagement of funds.

See financial data in one place

Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online allows attorneys to see the firm’s financial data in one place, rather than jumping between systems. Every financial transaction is automatically saved to the matter, with approval processes and payment limits providing additional security when dealing with disbursements, invoices and client transactions. Reconciliation reports can be printed or saved, ensuring firms have a clear set of records to stay compliant with their professional obligations.

Generate bills quickly and get paid

LEAP’s legal time recording and legal billing functionality makes the process of claiming fees easier and less personal. Generate bills within a matter of seconds with customized billing templates and instant bookkeeping entries. Collect payments online and make it easier for your clients to pay their bills.

Meet the demands of Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law requires software able to rapidly process large transactions at high volume. With LEAP, real estate attorneys and title closing agents benefit from a system robust enough to handle high volume real estate transactions. Manage your real estate trust accounts with LEAP, so you can stay organized and get back to practicing law sooner.


Legal trust accounting software

“You have everything within one single program. You have a trust accounting program, you have a business accounting program, you have a time billing program, you have a retainer program, you have everything including all the forms that you need to do your job. Everything is in one place and you don’t have to go from one program to the next.”

Larry Raiken, Esq.

Larry Raiken

NJ Attorney

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