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Go to court with confidence. Be organized, prepared, and ready for trial.
Simplify litigation management with one system that keeps your matters easily organized and accessible, so you can operate smoothly and efficiently at state and federal courts.

Record all your activity

Every year law firms are missing out on profits from manually recording time. You can now instantly capture all of your billable hours. Whether you're on the go or at the office, simply start and stop the timer, and your time entry is saved directly to the matter.

Key information

Keep important information such as a financial summary of the legal action or the most recent activity on the lawsuit file at your fingertips. This is particularly useful when working in teams. With LEAP, you will always be on top of daily, weekly, and monthly performance indicators and every billed or unbilled entry made.

Automated legal forms

Enter information once to have it reproduced across multiple forms. Key data from your matter is auto-populated into your forms. This makes document automation and document production easy and efficient.

Everything you need to run a law firm

Commercial litigation software by LEAP - Details & Correspondence

Enhance organization

You and your team will no longer have to use multiple systems to organize your information and record your time. All your matter information is now organized in one central location.

Quick searches

You can search quickly for any matter simply by plugging in key information, such as the client’s name. This allows you to record time for matters that have not been opened.

Enhance efficiency

Work faster not harder with a smart timesheet. With automated tasks, such as auto-text and spellcheck you will eliminate errors and avoid double data entry. You will be able to create data for bills as you work.

“TimeSheet is vital to spending less time entering time. Timesheet is a huge benefit and the net gain is way better than what we had. We spend less time reviewing bills, because front end time entry is more accurate.”

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