Practice Productivity Solution for Litigators

As a litigation attorney, law firm mobility is a priority. With LEAP legal practice productivity solution, you can be organized, prepared, and ready for trial, with access to case files and correspondence from any device.


LEAP Legal Practice Productivity

Pre-configured litigation matter types

LEAP offers pre-configured matters for litigation attorneys, developed by LEAP legal content specialists. These pre-built matters provide fields for you to easily capture case and client details for your litigation matters. Matter types available in LEAP litigation software include commercial litigation, debt recovery, real estate disputes, and litigation.

See how Leap helps you sort all of your different litigation matter types
See how LEAP helps you automate your commericial and litigation forms

Automated legal litigation forms

LEAP litigation software includes litigation forms that you need to manage your case, such as the Affidavit of Service, Verified Complaint, and Notice of Motion. Case and client details are automatically populated, so firm members do not need to manually key information into documents. These forms are updated and available for automation from your pre-configured matter to increase your litigation firm's productivity.

Your electronic matter, available anywhere

Simplify litigation management with one system that keeps your matters easily organized and accessible, so you can operate smoothly and efficiently at state and federal courts. Have access to client information, critical dates, documents, accounting details, and more, at any time across devices.

LawToolBox - Manage critical dates and legal deadlines with LEAP's Integration with LawToolBox
Time tracking software for lawyers works from anywhere, on any device - never miss billable hours

Record all your activity from anywhere

Every year litigation firms miss out on profits from manually recording time. With LEAP legal practice productivity solution, you can now instanty capture all of your billable hours whether you're on the go, at court, or at the office. Time entries are saved directly to the matter, ready to be invoiced to the client.

Scan documents whether in court or the office

When lawyers are on the move, new documents and correspondence are created on the spot, and they need to be filed and managed quickly. The LEAP Mobile App allows you to use your smartphone to scan documents directly into your LEAP matter.

Criminal and Litigation case management on the LEAP Mobile App
Calculate your court dates with LEAP's integration with LawToolBox

Manage critical dates and deadlines

In order to effectively handle complex cases, litigators must calculate, create, and manage critical dates and deadlines. These processes must be automated to maintain positive client relationships, and avoid malpractice suits. The LawToolBox integration with LEAP legal practice productivity solution is designed to streamline the process of managing all your critical legal deadlines and court dates.

Simplified e-filing and process serving

InfoTrack helps litigation firms automate key processes of their legal proceedings. Legal e-filing, available in select states, and nationwide process serving, can be started from the LEAP matter. Expenses are automatically added to the operating account ledger to be included on the next invoice to the client.

InfoTrack - Automate court filing & e-filing with LEAP
Robert McAndrew

quotes My practice area is litigation, and using LEAP allows me to bypass several steps when I'm creating, editing, and saving documents. Also, so long as I have my iPhone or tablet handy, all of my files can be readily accessed. quotes

Robert McAndrew
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