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New York law firms perform many administrative legal tasks that take up a lot of billable time and are over-complicated by various legal practice management systems. Not only do these aspects increase manual firm operations for a New York law firm, but it also adds to costs in overhead like servers and IT maintenance.

LEAP’s comprehensive legal software for New York law firms combines case management, automated legal forms, 24/7 online client services, email management, time recording, legal trust accounting, bank reconciliation, New York e-filing including NYSCEF, and legal reporting into one single cloud-based software platform. No matter what device you use, you can access all your case information from LEAP.

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LEAP offers a full library of automated forms for New York lawyers including:

Access thousands of New York legal forms, eliminating double-entry and time wasted on court websites. Import your own legal forms or create your own documents that generate with your client's information through LEAP's Microsoft Word integration.

LEAP also offers calculators to give you quick reference, including Child and Spousal Support, Judgement Interest, Temporary Spousal Maintenance and more. Additionally, LEAP gives you access to up-to-date filing fees for New York courts.

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Manage your New York matters across all common areas of law

LEAP offers pre-configured matter types in all common areas of law including real estate, family law, litigation, commercial law, and wills and estates. LEAP's experienced Design and Automation Team can help manage your matter types, automate your legal forms, and more. Accurately record your time spent on different New York cases.

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NYSCEF E-Filing Made Simple

LEAP's integration with InfoTrack helps law firms in New York eliminate costly data entry and mistakes by e-filing directly from LEAP.

LEAP's automated forms and document creation support New York State's e-filing requirements. Rather than dealing with New York's cumbersome Electronic Filing System, LEAP can quickly and easily auto-populate party information, automatically convert to PDF, and save your expenses and costs back into the matter.

DocketSync software syncs the latest docket information from NYSCEF, saving you time. Never copy docket updates manually again.

PACER access is streamlined; Obtain case and docket information from federal appellate and district courts automatically.

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quotations This product has been an incredible asset and very easy to use. It integrates with Adobe, Microsoft Office and allows convenient access whether on a phone, tablet or desktop! I couldn't be happier! quotations

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LEAP Web Portal

The LEAP Web Portal lets your clients and potential clients communicate and collaborate remotely with your firm 24/7 when they complete intake forms, pay your firm, schedule appointments, and share documents all online through your LEAP Web Portal. Easily gain and track referrals through the LEAP Web Portal so you are not missing out on additional law firm revenue.

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