LEAP Legal Software Affiliates

Experts in their field, our business partners can help you with a range of extra services to help grow and manage your firm.

The Real Estate Bar Association for Massachusetts

The Real Estate Bar Association for Massachusetts is New England’s fastest growing bar association, with over 3000 lawyer members and non-lawyer associates. They share a 150-year tradition of professionalism and excellence, advancing the practice of real estate law.


Fortune Title Agency

Founded in 2000, Fortune Title Agency has earned its solid reputation as an experienced and innovative leader in the real estate industry, proudly serving countless legal, real estate and loan professionals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. An established specialist in foreclosures and REO property, the company has in recent years evolved as a full-service title and insurance provider, excelling in all areas of conventional title work; both residential and commercial.

Not only does Fortune Title Agency guarantee its clients exceptional expertise and personal service, but they ensure absolute compliance with the latest industry security and regulatory requirements. When you choose Fortune Title Agency, you are forming a trusted partnership with a team of seasoned professionals, each dedicated to the highest standards of quality.


Ari Kaplan - Lawcountability logo

Ari Kaplan - Lawcountability

In addition to providing personal coaching and programs for lawyers on business development, Ari Kaplan of Ari Kaplan Advisors is the founder of Lawcountability®, a cloud-based platform that provides weekly networking programs and accountability software to help lawyers execute on their business development activities. It could empower you to grow your practice and raise your profile for less than $10 a week.

Fully accessible online and through a free iPhone app, Lawcountability® subscribers watch an original ten-minute live or on-demand program every week. Recent sessions for lawyers include: How to Write an Article About Anything in One Hour and The Best Social Media For Your Practice. The program assigns three tasks based on the week’s theme and users get periodic e-mail reminders (or push notifications for those using the iPhone app) to help them take action. The platform's goal-setting system integrates seamlessly with Outlook and enables users to instantly generate PDF-formatted marketing plans.




Lawline is trusted by over 120,000 attorneys worldwide. Over 2.5 million CLE credits have been earned with Lawline. Lawline is comprised of over 750 current faculty members.

With offering great content and technology, Lawline has been awarded the ACLEA 2016 for outstanding achievement for Best CLE program. Lawline’s iPhone APP has earned the ACLEA 2017 for best use of technology.

Lawline is recognized as a top company to work for by Crain's and Best Practices in HR, Leadership and Customer Service by New York Enterprise Report.


Lisa Solomon, Esq. Legal Research & Writing

Working with a freelance (a/k/a contract) lawyer can help you:

  • Earn more money: you can make a profit on work performed by a freelance lawyer
  • Decrease stress: quickly staff up when deadlines pile up, instead of working until you burn out
  • Free up your schedule: use the extra time to build your practice or spend more time with your family
  • Boost career satisfaction: focus on those aspects of law practice you enjoy, and outsource the rest

Lisa Solomon, Esq. has been providing legal research and writing services to attorneys nationwide for more than 20 years. As a nationally-recognized expert in persuasive legal writing, she helps you to be an effective advocate for your clients. As an experienced legal researcher, she efficiently completes projects of any size. And, as a veteran freelance lawyer, she knows that responsiveness, reliability and effective communication are key to maintaining successful relationships with the solo and small firm lawyers she serves.

Lisa is currently offering LEAP users and friends a complimentary consultation to discuss your outsourcing needs. You can reach Lisa at 914-595-6575 or Lisa@QuestionOfLaw.net. To learn more about best practices for working with freelance lawyers, download Lisa’s informative guide, How to Work with Freelance Lawyers to Increase Profits, Decrease Stress and Get Your Life Back, from her website at QuestionofLaw.net.