Legal Certified Consultants

LEAP proudly supports the following institutions:

LEAP has a network of Certified Consultants to guarantee that clients receive the best possible service.

Benefits for you include:

  • Lower installation and training costs
  • Local availability of consultants as the network grows
  • Opportunity to develop a relationship with a consultant for on-going consulting services
  • Peace of mind, knowing that consultants are subject to annual re-certification to keep their skills current

Ace Neovision Solutions LLC

Ace Neovision Solutions LLC is a LEAP Certified Consultant that helps law firms implement LEAP effectively.

Service will always be tailored to your situation, because we operate with a single principle in mind: to provide the highest level of personalized client service possible.

Consultants at Ace Neovision Solutions LLC have decades of experience in IT consulting and accounting for small law firms, enabling us to recommend cost-effective solutions tailored to your firm. Be confident that we’re with you every step of the journey: from planning and project management through to training and support services.


Location: 1246 South River Road, Suite 101, Cranbury, NJ 08512

Empire Consulting

Evie Farah and David Billington have enjoyed years of success as consultants in Australia and they have brought their skills and knowledge to America, to help firms utilize LEAP to its full capacity.

Their team of experienced LEAP Certified Consultants have the foundation of David & Evie’s 15+ years of experience both in the legal industry and at LEAP. Their specialized knowledge enables them to not only install and train your firm on LEAP, but to utilize its amazing customization abilities to adapt to your specific requirements and company style. These extras will enable your staff to work smarter, not harder. Coupled with their strong focus on training, you will benefit from their comprehensive understanding of LEAP and its many capabilities.

Empire’s team focus on quality, attention to detail and a high level of service. We can be reached at

Contact them today to discuss your exciting foray into the world of LEAP!

KMC Consulting Solutions

KMC Consulting Solutions are market-leading providers of quality LEAP installation and training solutions. The dedicated and professional team of consultants will ensure you and your staff have all the knowledge required to achieve optimal results from your LEAP software.

The team has specialist knowledge of the programs they teach, and a wealth of experience in both software training and the legal profession. This expertise enables them to offer the most practical solutions, ensuring you maximize your use of the LEAP program.

They take a professional yet personable approach to training, aiming for positive outcomes for your firm.

Customer satisfaction is always their core focus. In fact, KMC Consulting Solutions is built on providing exceptional service to many happy clients, producing a constant flow of referrals and repeat clients. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Contact the team via email for a complimentary consultation about your LEAP training and installation requirements, at or

Law Office Systems, Inc.

Carol L. Schlein, Esq., President of Law Office Systems, Inc. has been assisting law firms, corporate legal departments, and not-for-profits for over 25 years as a legal technology consultant. Marc Cantor brings almost 30 years’ experience as a consultant to professional services firm. Amy Tarazona has been supporting law firms as a Paralegal for 10 years. While the majority of our (her) clients are in the New York Metropolitan area and Northern New Jersey we (she) supports clients nationally. We are (She is) experienced with conversions from older systems as well as integrating QuickBooks, Microsoft Office and Office 365.

We are proficient at implementing electronic billing, document and workflow automation. We train our clients to be self-sufficient by providing documentation and instructions as well as being available for follow up support by phone, email, and remote access.

Preferred Business Systems, Inc.

Located in Whippany, NJ, Preferred Business Systems is a LEAP certified consultant that provides our clients with an effective approach to install, customize, and manage LEAP to fit their specific needs.

At Preferred Business Systems, we understand how important technology is to a law firm’s success because we have years of experiencing working with legal clients on all of their needs including IT services, copiers, prints, mail machines, and more.

Our team is specifically trained on every aspect of LEAP from document management and creation, billing software, reports and much more. We integrate LEAP to ensure it fits within the workflow of each of our clients.

We strategically use LEAP to increase your productivity across all of your legal needs. Our consultants provide excellent customer service and are always on-hand to help law firms utilize and manage LEAP.

Profecta Consulting, LLC

Do you want to ensure your LEAP installation is as efficient and effective as it can be? Do you want to provide your staff with the training and tips they need to utilize LEAP with confidence and ease? Profecta Consulting partners with law firms to deliver quality LEAP installation and training solutions. Profecta works with clients build flexible, customized, outcome-oriented solutions using a mindful and measured approach to ensuring each firm maximizes productivity, not just within the LEAP application, but across the firm’s processes.

Profecta founder, Jessica Fitzgerald, is a recognized leader in Project Management with a track record of improving client productivity through the design and delivery of innovative process improvement solutions and thoughtful approaches to time management. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Jess is highly successful at quickly identifying inefficient processes and working with clients to achieve productive results. She will ensure your LEAP solution is tailored to meet the needs of your firm and will work with your staff to provide the most gain with the least amount of disruption.

Red Cave Law Firm Consulting

Red Cave Law Firm Consulting provides technology implementation services, including the set-up of law practice management systems, for solo lawyers and small law firms. Red Cave can help you to get more out of the software you pay for, to maximize your efficiency and to build and maintain the law practice and lifestyle that you want.

Founder and CEO Jared D. Correia, Esq. is a nationally-recognized law practice management expert, the host of a popular podcast at Legal Talk Network and a regular columnist for both Attorney at Work and Lawyerist. He has over a decade of experience in assisting law firms to effectively integrate technology, including over 2500 consultations.

The L Train

Terrance J. Morgan is a certified LCC with over 20 years of experience in the Helpdesk/Customer Service industry. He specializes in the installation, training, and troubleshooting of Law Practice and Accounting software. He started his career as a Helpdesk agent and over the years have advanced in many roles including Helpdesk Supervisor and Client Success Manager. This includes advancing in roles while working for LEAP. These roles have honed Terrance into a seasoned Trainer who also has extensive knowledge in Leap software due to working with and training other LEAP Certified Consultants and clients remotely, as well as onsite.

During the initial training process, I believe it’s best to train clients only on topics they will utilize daily as well as what they are interested in first, instead of teaching the entire software.

“Teaching every part of the software tends to overwhelm some clients, making it harder for them to understand the software as a whole. Once the client understands the basics, the unfamiliar areas will make better sense. This makes the training process easier and more efficient for the client.”

The Systems Shop, Inc.

When I started The Systems Shop in 1986 I had one overarching goal – to help small business people improve their lives through intelligent, cost effective use of computer technology. In 1989 I started working with small law firms to implement Time/Billing and Case/Practice Management systems. That remains the focus of The Systems Shop.

My tag line is – “At The Systems Shop it’s about time – track it, save it, turn it into money”.

Tracking time is not just about logging it for billing purposes – how often do we get to the end of the day and wonder where it went? KNOWING where your time is going is the key to better serving your clients and building your practice.

Saving time is not just about putting it “into the system” so you can bill it later. Saving time means finding better, more efficient ways to accomplish your daily tasks, whether it is writing a letter to a client, drafting a legal document or following a consistent, logical method to store documents, emails, and all the disparate items that make up your workflow so that you can answer client questions quickly without having to dig through piles of paper or search through multiple levels of folders in Windows Explorer or Outlook It also means sharing information with your staff and associates in a way that helps EVERYONE be more productive and eliminate unnecessary or duplicative work.

Turn it into money – well, Abraham Lincoln once said “A Lawyers Time and Advice is His Stock and Trade”. There are only so many hours in a day, and the better you and your staff are at using them productively the better off you will be.

LEAP is a fully integrated system that can help you accomplish those goals – tracking time, saving it, and turning it into money. Let me help you through the process.