A User-Friendly Solution for Mid-size & Large Law Firms

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LEAP has spent years making sure that our product, installation, and training is right for mid-size and large law firms like yours. We offer dedicated project management to get your firm installed and implemented at no extra cost. To learn more about the features, and dedicated project management for your firm's your size, download the brochure now.

For the Accounts Department

With instant timekeeping functionality that enables fee earners to track time without ever having to remember to start or stop a timer, invoices are always ready to be sent. You can effortlessly produce and email invoices to your clients in bulk, they can pay from their computer or smartphone, and the payment is automatically receipted in LEAP. You can even set up automatic payment reminders!

Easily keep track of time in your mid-size or large firm with a simple UI

Working Remotely

LEAP eliminates the need for remote access software or a VPN, as it is a fully cloud-based solution. Whether your staff are in or out of the office, they can continue to work with the same efficiency. You can also track productivity of your staff (fee earners and non-fee earners) on our global timesheet.

Work from anywhere, keep track of your time automatically - Easily create new entries

For the Fee Earners

LEAP will keep up with their busy schedules, saving them time on tedious administrative work like searching for a file or email, and allowing them to access the same information on every device. They can also bill from the palm of their hand!

Work from anywhere, keep track of your time automatically - Easily create new entries

For the Office Manager

By introducing document automation and centralizing case information into one location, you can upskill your administrative team to do more valuable work.

Legal form automation for mid-size and large law firms - integrated in LEAP

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