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Remote Installation & Training

We make it easy to work from home

At LEAP it is our duty to help law firms be productive during this unprecedented time. We take this commitment very seriously, which is why our software is available for demonstration, purchase, installation and training entirely online, eliminating the need for on-site visits. We have the tools Rhode Island law firms need to empower their employees to work remotely immediately, while maintaining positive cashflow and minimal downtime in the transition.

We can transition your law firm to the cloud from an existing accounting or practice management system immediately:

  • Contacts
  • Matter details
  • Client details
  • Staff details
  • Opening balances
  • Transaction history

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LEAP offers a library of automated forms for Rhode Island lawyers including:

  • Petition for Probate of Will
  • Complaint for Divorce
  • Statement of Assets, Liabilities, Income, and Expenses
  • Will - Married with Children
  • Civil Case Cover Sheet

Get paid from anywhere, at any time

LEAP provides an integrated online payment solution designed specifically for the needs of lawyers to help eliminate in-person payment, improve cash flow and generate cost savings by easily sending bills and accepting credit card payments online. Clients can easily pay their emailed bill online via credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). LEAP then automatically generates and emails receipts for the payments received.

RapidPay makes it easy for clients to pay their bills online, making your law firm virtual

Legal Client Intake

Serve your clients virtually

The LEAP Web Portal, included with LEAP, acts as a personalized legal CRM to communicate and collaborate remotely with current and prospective clients. Booking appointments is simplified and streamlined to sync with your scheduling and availability. Clients can also fill in their personal and matter-based information through online legal client intake forms, which can be imported into LEAP to create a new client file. LEAP’s legal client portal software provides concierge-level service to your Rhode Island firm’s clients while integrating seamlessly with the rest of your practice.

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Legal Form and Document Creation

Create or import firm document templates

Create your own legal document templates, or import existing templates you may already be using. You can create a new template in Word, Excel or Outlook and file it according to the corresponding case. By saving and automating all your document templates within LEAP, you can save time re-keying client and case information.

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Remote Legal Document Access

Become a virtual, paperless law office

Toss your paper files and cabinets; you can store all your legal case files within LEAP and access them from home or remotely. New Jersey attorney Cassandra Savoy disposed of 30 cartons of paper thanks to LEAP, allowing her firm to work-on-the-go. Instead of printing legal documents, send PDFs which recipients can view but not amend without authorization.

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LEAP case and document management is integrated with automated forms for Rhode Island attorneys

Cloud Legal Software for Lawyers

Manage your Rhode Island
law firm from home

LEAP has everything you need to manage your practice remotely, in one system for one price. As a true cloud system, you can manage document production, document storage, instantly update all your electronic case files, and manage trust accounting, office accounting, and client billing.

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LEAP is the best system for lawyers and staff to work from home.


Everything you need to run a Rhode Island law firm virtually

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