Finding the Best Legal
Software for Your Law Firm

Essential Tips on How to Select the Right Case Management System

Choosing the right legal practice management system should not be a quick shopping trip. Instead, purchasing the best legal software should entail a significant amount of research, experimentation, checklists, and questions. Our handbook outlines the steps and processes involved in finding the ideal fit for your firm.


Why Cloud-Based Software for Law Firms?

Let’s begin with the basics: why is cloud-based software technology pertinent to today’s law firm. Our handbook explains how cloud-based software ensures security of confidential client information and law firm data. The handbook also reveals research that shows why staff and new business are more attracted to law firms operating on a legal practice management system.

Legal Software and Innovation

The most common argument for not adopting cloud-based technology is that the law firm is too entrenched in their longstanding method of practicing to switch to an innovative approach. Our handbook assuages any anxieties about switching from ingrained processes to new ones. After all, the fear of not having a secure cloud-based software should far outweigh the fear of transferring your firm to a legal case management system. Indeed, ransomware is on the rise, with incidents tripling since 2014.

Legal Practice Management Software is a Stamp of Credibility

With the threat of ransomware and exacerbated security issues at large, clients are more conscious of selecting companies and services that are credible in their measures of security. Our handbook explains how law firms can generate new leads with high caliber security technology.

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What Features Should a Legal Case Management Software Have?

1.) Legal Client Portals

All edits made to client and matter information will be reflected throughout the matter file. This ensures that there are no manual typographical errors throughout legal forms. All files and documents within the matter will not have manual mistakes.

2.) Adequate Transition Process

When selecting a software provider, it is essential to confirm the provider can convert all data of the practice to the new software, including but not limited to client, staff, matter, opening balances and transactional history. Our handbook explains how the transitions process works and what law firms should expect their potential software provider to employ during the transitions process.

3.) Forms and Templates

The legal technology industry often focuses on providing accounting solutions for small law firms, rather than on creating advanced pre-configured and automated legal forms that is key to managing one's matters electronically. Our handbook provides information on what law firms should look for in terms of forms, templates, and automation tools when searching for a legal practice management system.

4.) Mobile App

Legal Apps for law firms allow attorneys to turn lost time into profitable time, while outside of the office. Our handbook shows how Legal Mobile Apps enable attorneys can enhance their mobility and productivity.

How can the Features of a Legal Case Management System help my law firm?


Questions to Ask a Cloud Provider

When selecting a cloud-provider it is crucial to ask questions and collect as much information as possible. There are two main concerns to shape the questions around; the first item of concern is transparency in who owns the data and the second is security measures. Our handbook supplies 10 major questions law firms need to ask a potential cloud-provider.

Benefits of Legal Software

The ultimate deciding factor is if the legal practice management system provides the law firm with the benefits they are seeking to gain. To understand how one wishes to benefit from a legal software program, one must first analyze their law firm and decide in what ways they need to improve. Our handbook covers the core benefits a case management system should offer law firms.

What to Ask a Potential
Legal Software Provider?

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