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Advances in legal technology make it easier and less expensive than ever before to start your own law firm. Cloud technology is providing a whole new way of thinking about what a law firm can do and look like with less overhead, and less staff.

Lower IT costs, the adoption of flexible working arrangements, and the normalcy of completely virtual law offices are encouraging entrepreneurial lawyers to venture out on their own. Right now, there is a unique opportunity for those who want it to realize the dream of being their own boss and running a successful law firm.

LEAP is a comprehensive legal practice management solution to help with all parts of a new law firm.

Automate your forms and documents

Manage your clients and potential clients

  • Allow clients or prospective new business to book appointments, fill out retainer agreements, and pay for services online.
  • Keep track of potential clients and automatically follow up with them via email and text reminders, through the LEAP CRM.
  • Easily email clients their invoices, accept payments online, and automatically request retainer replenishments.

Keep track of time and get paid faster

  • Instantly record and sync billable time spent on every document, email, filing, phone call, or FaceTime meeting with the correct matter.
  • Easily perform complex transactions with built-in office and trust accounting. IOLTA and state bar rule compliant trust accounting is easy with LEAP.
  • Instantly generate invoices, manage retainers and trust accounts, capture disbursements, with simple built in office accounting software that fully integrates with QuickBooks Online.

"We were coming from a large law firm with a lot of technical support and obviously it was just going to be the two of us here at the beginning and so I was looking for a software to be as integrated as possible. As a brand new practice, we came from a large firm where we had a large back office that handled all of the billing and the invoicing and sending them all out now it's just the two of us. The great thing is the billing functionality in LEAP. I was always worried in setting up the new practice how I was going to manage that."

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All you need to start and run your own firm is a laptop and LEAP. For a limited time, we are offering completely interest-free financing to qualified applicants, to assist with taking the next step in starting your own law firm.

LEAP offers demonstration, purchase, installation, and training completely online at no extra cost. Like all LEAP users, you will receive 24/7 access to our dedicated team of HelpDesk support staff, and free on-demand training guides and videos to get you up and running and making money as soon as possible.


The LEAP 10 Step Guide to Starting an Online Law Firm in 2021

The technology you use to power your firm is more important now than ever before. To simplify your IT, lower your overhead costs, and make more profit you need to start off with the right legal software.

LEAP's guide on starting an online law firm includes 10 steps, covering everything from meeting the legal requirements to financing your firm. At the end of the guide we included a checklist to help keep you on track.

Download the 10 Step Guide now

Also, check out the LEAP resource boxes below for more information that will help you start a law firm, lower costs, and make more money.

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"My firm was brand new with only 3 months practicing on my own, so migrating the data/contact list was easy..I’m starting a brand-new partnership/firm in a matter of weeks...I’ve been using LEAP continuously for 5 years in two different firms. I already have recommended using LEAP and will continue to do so."

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