Case Studies

Looking for a review of legal software? Read Case Studies of law firms using LEAP.

David J. Burbridge, Esq.

As a shareholder of Knudsen, Burbridge, and Manchur, P.C., David Burbridge, Esq. identifies how the firm has been able to increase cash flow, enhance productivity, and improved work/life balance since implementing the use of LEAP.

"LEAP certainly helps our cash flow. It is also helpful for me to use the LEAP time recording functionality to have a better understanding of my staff’s productivity."
-David J. Burbridge, Esq.

Frank Materia, Esq.

As a solo practitioner, Frank Materia, Esq. realized that practice management software was vital to the growth of his business. Materia discovered the power of legal technology when he could eliminate the costs of extra storage space for cabinet files.

"LEAP allows me to save office space, as I do not need another office. All my file cabinets are in LEAP."
-Frank J. Materia, Esq.

Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq.

As a divorce and family law attorney, Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq. seeks to provide her clients with the best possible outcome. To do so, Savoy has transitioned to a case management system that allows her to have secure, effective, and efficient correspondences with her clients.

"LEAP’s integration with legal billing increased our law firm’s profits by 30% in the first two months."
-Cassandra T. Savoy, Esq.

Jennifer D. Armstrong, Esq.

After switching to LEAP, Jennifer D. Armstrong, Esq. benefited from a legal case management system that functioned as a one-stop shop, from document management to billing and accounting. With LEAP, Armstrong does not have to switch from one legal software to the next to complete a case.

"My area of litigation, and using LEAP allows me to bypass several steps (that I would have to take using other systems)."
-Jennifer D. Armstrong, Esq.

Larry Raiken, Esq.

After years of practicing at a full-service law firm, Larry Raiken, Esq. sought to rid his practice of antiquated billing software and transition to LEAP’s legal case management software. Now with LEAP, Raiken has his billing, trust accounting, automated forms, and time recording in one central location.

Discover how Larry Raiken, Esq. can save time with LEAP’s integrated system and devote more time to additional clients and matters.

Martin Liberman, Esq.

As a real estate attorney, Martin Liberman, Esq. has found the legal forms and templates within LEAP’s comprehensive library of legal forms across all areas of common law very beneficial. With the automated legal forms within LEAP, Liberman’s practice avoids double data entry.

"LEAP makes it easy for us to practice and do other things than the continual grunt work we normally would do."
-Martin Liberman, Esq.