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Learn how LEAP can help overcome the challenges affecting your law firm.

The Sigmoid Curve and Your Law Firm

Download our latest whitepaper to learn more about how embracing innovation and understanding the Sigmoid Curve can set your law firm up for long term business growth and profitability.

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Cultivate the Team

Learn how lawyer leaders can cultivate teams that provide legal services and remain adaptable during rapid technological change.

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Time is Money: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Poor Accounting Practices

Save your firm valuable time and money. Learn the top accounting vulnerabilities law firms struggle with and how to avoid them.

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4 Powerful Strategies to Convert More Telephone Calls from Potential Clients into Profitable Business

Learn to increase your conversion rates and grow your profits with just four powerful strategies.

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No More Servers

The technology you use to power your firm is more important now than ever before. To simplify your IT, lower your overhead costs, and make more profit download the "No More Servers" whitepaper now.

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Overcoming the Skills Shortage

The Overcoming the Skills Shortage podcast explores a once-in-a-generation threat to law firms. Legal software experts find out how technology and flexible work practices can help overcome the skills shortage.

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The 11 Habits of Highly Successful Small Law Firms

Discover the 11 Habits of how you can build a successful small law firm.

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Can cloud software positively affect the work-life balance at your firm?

Discover how the mobility enabled by cloud software enables you to balance your work and home lives and provide better service for your clients.


One Version of the Truth

Learn how having mobile access to all your case, client, billing, and time recording information will fundamentally change your law practice.


How to Increase Your Profits with Online Time Recording

Learn how attorneys are increasing their billings by 30% when switching to an instant online time recording system.


4 Foundation Stones of a Law Firm

What are the 4 foundation stones of every successful law firm? Discover the 4 key elements law firms need to excel.


How Legal Client Portal Software is Transforming Client Communication

Learn how LawConnect can help attorneys share documents with their clients quickly, securely, and collaboratively.


How to Create Long-Term Growth for Your Practice

Do you know how to create long-term growth for your practice? Read more to discover how to achieve healthy stability.


Starting a Solo Law Practice — Don't Run Out of Cash

Underestimating cash flow is the most common mistake of self-starting attorneys. Learn how to build your practice fast, without going broke.


4 Ways to Reboot Your Law Firm

How can you work less and increase the revenue of your law firm simultaneously? Discover four simple steps to transformation.


5 Biggest Challenges Facing Small Law Firms

Find out how to overcome the 5 biggest challenges facing your law firm today.


Legal IT in the 21st Century

The small law firm market is competitive. Have you considered technology to give your firm an advantage?


Organize Your Firm to Grow Your Profits

Learn how to invest in technology and provide your existing staff with the tools to increase efficiency.


Overcoming the Skills Shortage with LEAP

Small law firms’ growth is constrained by a lack of resources. Find out how groundbreaking technology is an answer to this deficiency.


Is Your Firm Still the Firm of 2001?

Is your law firm still stuck in the status quo? Learn how you can be the law firm of the future.


The Paperless Law Firm

A law office stacked with paper folders cannot meet the demands of today. It’s time to learn how to move your firm into the 21st century with 5 practical tips.


Practice Management in the Cloud

When your matter is always accessible on every device, you’re free to work anywhere, anytime. Read about the pros and cons of managing your law practice in the cloud.


How Cloud-Based Legal Practice Management Software is Innovating Law Firms

Learn how to become a legal innovator and create new ways to structure your law firm to meet the demands of a tech-savvy world.


Succession Planning and Organizing Your Firm to Maximize Value

Discover how to organize your law firm with a modern system, so that it will be worth more than one with a 20-year old system.


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