Practice Productivity Solution for Wills and Probate Attorneys

Lawyers who specialize in wills and probate law are entrusted with their clients' most important decisions. The LEAP legal practice management software offers a robust suite of tools designed to help small to mid-sized estate law firms simplify tasks and be more productive and profitable.


LEAP Legal Practice Productivity

Pre-configured matter types

With LEAP, you can select a special input screen relevant to the matter type you are working on. Entering in this information allows your firm to gather the relevant matter information at the start of the proceedings, rather than as you go along. These matter types include wills (for an individual, spouses, or de facto couples) and probate.

Automate Your Documents for Wills and Probate
Automate Your Documents for Wills and Probate

Document automation for wills and probate

Access a range of automated legal forms and templates, or upload your own personalized documents. LEAP includes 11,000+ forms ready to be automatically filled with client details such as Power of Attorney, Application for Probate and Petition for Formal Probate, and more. Mirrored wills are a unique feature for NY, NJ, and MA probate law firms. Often times, married couples jointly seek estate planning services, and LEAP allows attorneys to easily generate automated mirrored versions.

Manage critical dates and deadlines

When your client needs legal services for probate or estate administration, managing critical dates and deadlines are necessary to make sure your client's matter stays on track. With the LawToolBox integration in LEAP, wills and probate attorneys will no longer miss a deadline when they plan out their case and be reminded of upcoming critical dates based on the specific area of law.

Calculate your court dates with LEAP's integration with LawToolBox
LEAP's integration with LawConnect allows for clients to electronically sign documents and pay shared bills


The creation of wills and process of probate naturally includes the sharing of extremely private and confidential information. Using LawConnect, you can securely share and collaborate on information and documents with your clients and other stakeholders.

Annika Bockius-Suwyn

The ability to customize estate planning templates and the ease of creating documents once those are set up has completely transformed and streamlined our estate planning practice.

Annika Bockius-Suwyn
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