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Legal Document Management for Law Firms

The LEAP legal practice productivity solution offers a secure legal document management system that improves law firm collaboration by allowing attorneys to easily create, store, and share documents, correspondence, searches, and forms in one intuitive location.

Collaborate securely, organize legal matters and cases from anywhere - LEAP legal document management
Matter Management

One version of the truth

With over 2,500 pre-configured matter types, you can easily store and organize client information, emails, and documents in one electronic matter.

The LEAP secure cloud-based legal document management software means that any time you or someone in your law firm works on an existing document or creates a new one, the electronic matter updates in real time. This means that any and all case material is available to anyone with access to the matter, from their desktop, iPad, smartwatch, or mobile phone.

Improve collaboration and workflow within your law firm when all your staff have secure access to the most current matter information - from anywhere.

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Secure electronic legal matter management software - easily manage email correspondence

Easily manage correspondence

Complete integration between LEAP and Microsoft Outlook means you can quickly create formatted law firm correspondence. All your case related emails are automatically saved to the relevant matter and this correspondence can be easily located in the electronic matter and retrieved by you from any device.

LawConnect integration – secure document storage and collaboration for law firms, Dropbox for Lawyers

Secure document collaboration

LEAP and LawConnect provide law firms a secure collaboration solution. Work on large documents with clients and third parties in real time. With your legal documents securely stored with AWS, you can comment, reply, and grant or revoke access to documents. Unlike other legal software solutions that depend on less secure, external file sharing rolls, LawConnect is free to LEAP users and is a law firm-specific alternative to tools like Dropbox.

Hear from our clients

“LEAP is extremely helpful for compiling documents quickly.”

Scott Rubin, Esq.

“LEAP allows me to bypass several steps (that I would have to take using other software systems) when I'm creating, editing, and saving documents.”

Robert W. McAndrew

“The entire LEAP system is a time saving document management system and much more - it is now an essential part of our office and our practice.”

Edward P. Ryan, Jr.

Legal Document Management Software for Law Firms

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Legal Document Management

  • Manage and organize documents and e-mails with the Microsoft Office integration.
  • Store, share, and collaborate on documents securely with LawConnect.
  • Save documents and correspondence directly to a matter.
  • Filter, find, and sort files quickly with intuitive document retrieval.
  • View, edit and save documents from the LEAP Mobile App.

Automate Your Firm's Documents

  • Locate legal documents and cases easily online.
  • Track changes and automatically add error-free client data.
  • Snap, scan, and save important files with secure, unlimited storage.

LEAP helps your law firm become more productive.

LEAP - over 11,000+ legal forms for over 2,500 matter types, all automated and easy to complete.

Document Assembly & Management

Automate, create, organize, and manage your documents across all devices.

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LEAP - over 11,000+ legal forms for over 2,500 matter types, all automated and easy to complete.
LEAP's legal billing and accounting cloud software lets lawyers record time from anywhere.

Legal Accounting

Track billables, generate invoices, manage trusts, integrate office accounting, and more.

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Legal document management and sharing lets attorneys easily run their law firm.

Practice Management

LEAP is the legal practice productivity solution to manage your law practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal document management software?

Legal document management software improves law firm collaboration by allowing attorneys to easily create, store, and share documents, correspondence, searches, and forms in one intuitive, secure location.

What does a law firm’s document management system do?

Legal document management systems create a single version of the truth to store all relevant documents, emails, and files related to a client or matter. In addition, cloud-based document management systems make retrieving, referencing, and updating documents easier to improve productivity and reduce errors.

What features should legal document management software have?

An effective legal document management software will offer all the integrated features needed for a law firm to simplify document management and collaboration. These features include:

  • Unlimited storage to allow your firm to store all the documents, emails, and files related to a particular client or matter as your firm scales and takes on more clients and cases.
  • World-class security to ensure that you and your clients can rest assured that all sensitive information is protected and that your firm meets compliance and regulatory standards.
  • User-based permission controls to ensure control over who can view and edit shared files.
  • Search functions to easily find documents across multiple file types to access what you need without wasting time searching through hundreds of paper files.
  • Autofilled fields for common documents like letters, forms, and emails to reduce the time spent on document creation.
  • Collaboration tools for internal and external stakeholders to collaborate, comment, reply, and e-sign documents.

Where does LEAP's legal document management store my files?

LEAP is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the #1 cloud provider in the world. All your documents will be stored and backed up in the cloud with the highest levels of security.

Can I set permissions and restrict access to specific documents?

Yes, to protect the confidential and sensitive information related to your clients and cases, you can set user permissions to control who can access and edit files stored in LEAP.

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