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Client Portal Software for Law Firms

Let your clients and potential clients communicate and collaborate remotely with your firm 24/7 when they complete intake forms, pay your firm, schedule appointments and share documents all online through your LEAP Web Portal.

Get your firm paid online

Get paid smarter with your firm’s own online payment portal. Let your clients pay retainers or invoices via credit card or bank transfer. Minimize time spent chasing invoices or replenishing trust accounts when you take advantage of automated payment reminders. LEAP allows for clients to set up recurring payment plans.

Client portal software for law firms - legal crm solutions to collaborate on documents in real time

Collaborate on documents

With LEAP and LawConnect, you can securely share and collaborate on documents with your clients in real time. With your documents securely stored on Amazon Web Services, you can easily request your client’s signature or reply directly to comments left on shared documents.

Legal CRM Solutions

Quick appointment scheduling

Let potential or existing clients easily reschedule, cancel or amend appointments directly from your dedicated appointments dashboard in your lawyers portal 24/7. Automatically send booking confirmation and reminders to your clients via SMS to ensure that your time isn't spent waiting for a no-show.

Being able to manage matters during client meetings helps serve clients better - Mark's video review

Mark Johnson

Access Matters During Meetings

Johnson & Borenstein, LLC

LEAP's client portal software for law firms automates remote data entry in your lawyers portal

Online intake forms

Have your existing or future clients complete an online intake form prior to their appointment. LEAP provides legal CRM solutions for a convenient and user-friendly way to accurately collect your clients’ information. Allowing potential or existing clients to provide the details of their case directly through your Web Portal reduces the costly human error associated with data entry. Once completed, their information can be easily imported into LEAP as a matter, allowing you to get to work faster.

Manage client inquiries & simplify your legal marketing - LEAP's legal CRM software for law firms

Don’t miss out on potential clients

Take advantage of LEAP's legal CRM solutions to get more clients.

  • Easily respond to client questions with email templates.
  • Never miss a client question or appointment request when all your prospective client calls and emails are logged automatically.
  • Update the status of your potential client pipeline so you know when to follow-up.
  • Easily view all your inquiries from any device.
  • Create a card in LEAP containing client information entered with LEAP online intake forms.

Communicate and collaborate with potential and current clients 24/7

Manage incoming requests from potential and current clients to fill out intake forms, pay their bills, schedule appointments, and share large documents with our client portal software for law firms.

  • Automate data entry for cases with online intake forms that can be imported directly into LEAP as a matter.
  • Allow your potential or current clients to easily schedule or manage their appointments around your real-time availabilities from any device.
  • Manage and update questions or appointment requests from prospective clients.
  • Track the status of your potential clients and then automatically log follow-up calls and emails.
  • Accept both trust and office deposits with your firm’s own online payment portal.
  • Customize your email signature to direct clients to your firm’s Web Portal.

Legal Client Portal Software

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