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Be prepared for anything with LEAP. Work from home or the office at a moments notice without losing revenue or experiencing downtime. Collaborate on documents & case files, manage clients, work on accounting & billing, and collect client payments all securely online from anywhere.

Communicate with clients, record time, and access cases remotely

  • Enjoy all the benefits of a mobile law office and work from anywhere with the LEAP Mobile App
  • Single sign on for all your devices including your desktop, browser, mobile phone, mobile connected watch, iPad, tablet, and even Alexa.
  • Access automated legal forms and files on-the-go.
  • Search cases and find contact details, critical dates, case financials, and tasks quickly.
  • Instant time tracking and recording synced to the matter.
  • Voice-to-text dictation.
  • Secure document scanning - save directly to a case.
  • Document and case management app available on iOS and Android.


Cloud based law firm remote collaboration software on tablet - case management with a mobile app

Remote Collaboration: Microsoft Teams
and Zoom

LEAP Desktop now integrates with Microsoft Teams and Zoom for internal collaboration while working remotely from anywhere. Users can schedule and start meetings directly from the matter via both channels. Also through Microsoft Teams, you can send documents, matters, or notify staff to call clients back.

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A paperless law firm: secure document scanning on mobile

Organize and declutter your practice by taking photos of forms, IDs, and evidence and saving them back to the corresponding matter as a PDF. Instead of carrying large folders full of documents to court, you can save all your files in the cloud with your tablet or cell phone.

Law firm remote collaboration software

Support staff and partners back at the office, at home, or anywhere can safely access these files immediately, on any device. Securely email scanned PDFs while out of the office to provide quick access. When you collaborate on documents with staff and clients through the cloud, you will eliminate communication errors and become more efficient.

Record more billable time when working from home

With instant time recording on your phone, you can now record and track time spent in court, commuting, or at home. No more jotting times in your notebook when you’re working remotely. When you make a call in the LEAP Mobile App, a time entry is instantly saved back to the correct matter. Set timers for external meetings and appointments. Record the time you spend in court and it syncs instantly with the LEAP timesheet, saving you a trip back to the office for data entry. When you have instant time recording on-the-go, you’ll never miss another billable minute.

Remote collaboration app for lawyers - scan documents on your phone and upload the PDF instantly

LEAP Mobile App

for Lawyers

Instantly scan and create legal documents

Attorneys can instantly access all case correspondence including letters, forms, emails and PDFs with the LEAP Legal Mobile App. Don’t have a scanner handy? Take photos of important documents, IDs and evidence and save them right back to the corresponding case as a PDF, which can be instantly accessed by staff and partners. Remote access to your law firm has never been easier.

“I have used the LEAP app to time record. It is wonderful and super easy. When I need to text, call or email a client when I am out of the office, I am able to enter my time as soon as I’m done. I don’t have to worry about entering my time when I get back to the office.”

Tonya L. Crawford, Esq.

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