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Law firms earn 30% more profit within the first year of changing legal software to LEAP. Make working from anywhere, anytime simple and reduce office expenses by eliminating your servers forever. Bill more hours by instantly recording all your time. Send invoices and take payments online to get paid faster.

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I recently moved to LEAP and love it. One click into the matter and all my information is in one place - my pleadings, emails, notes, and documents.


Debra Thomas (switched from PCLaw)
Law Offices of Debra A. Thomas | Maryland Law Firm

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Break free from your server and work anytime, anywhere

LEAP allows your firm to get rid of your server and associated costs, forever.

No Servers with LEAP

Simplified Software Updates

Software version upgrades are vastly simplified and faster. The software is all maintained, upgraded, and backed up automatically by LEAP.

Instant Data Syncing with LEAP

Instant Data Syncing

LEAP automatically sync’s your data from day one. Providing access to your matters wherever you are working, and your choice of device.

LEAP is powered by AMS

World Class Security

Built on Amazon Web Services, LEAP has cloud hosted servers in ultra-secure facilities ensuring you have 99.99% uptime.

Work on your matters whether you’re in the office, at home, or meeting with clients.

LEAP’s cloud-based practice management system means you can take advantage of integrated matter management, document automation and legal accounting.

  • LEAP available on desktop and mobile devices
  • View correspondence, dates, contacts on your phone
  • Securely share and collaborate on documents

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11 Habits of Highly Successful Law Firms in the Digital Age

The 11 Habits Whitepaper is a checklist to make your law firm more successful. It is now more important than ever for your law firm to maintain a positive cash flow when 90% of business is conducted remotely. Learn how by switching legal software to LEAP you can implement these 11 Habits into your law practice.

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Work from anywhere, keep track of your time automatically - Easily create new entries

Spend more time billing hours than on administrative tasks

LEAP’s cutting edge document automation, time recording, and office reporting save time and make you more money.

Document Automation

Document Automation

Create, share, and collaborate on your matters and legal documents anywhere, anytime, from multiple devices with a single sign-on.

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Instant Time Tracking

Instant Time Tracking

Instantaneously record time spent on emails, phone calls, and letters or take advantage of customizable billing codes and fixed-fee entries directly from the built-in LEAP timesheet.

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Legal Forms Library

Legal Forms Library

Gain access to a library of over 11,000+ court forms for 2,500+ matter types, and enter client information once to automate and populate all of your legal forms.

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Legal intake forms

Online Intake Forms

Manage clients and automate data entry for new cases with online intake forms that can be imported directly into LEAP to create a new matter.

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Legal reporting

Report Generation

Measure firm profits and performance with billing, timekeeping, and management reports, and use our accounting software integrations for profit and loss reports.

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legal software integrations

LEAP Integrations

LEAP integrates seamlessly with the platforms you already use including Microsoft 365, Xero, QuickBooks Online, and more, for easy collaboration, accounting, billing, and reporting.

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legal software support

LEAP Support

Get the legal software support you need to grow your firm with LEAP Help Center, HelpDesk, online chat, LEAP University training, webinars, articles, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I switch from another software?

LEAP makes it easy for you to change legal software even if you are under contract with a different provider. Our team of experts can migrate your law firm data to LEAP and the cloud from an existing accounting or practice management system in as little as two days. This includes your firm’s contacts, matter details, client details, staff details, opening balances, and transaction history. LEAP is available for demonstration, purchase, installation, and training entirely online to ensure you can start working now from anywhere while maintaining positive cashflow and minimal downtime during the transition.

What is legal practice management in a law firm?

Legal practice management, or Law Practice Management (LPM), includes all administrative and business tasks included in running alaw practice. These tasks range from management of clients and staff to office accounting and budgeting to document management and storage. Due to the extent of LPM, there are even organizations devoted to supporting professionals involved in law firm management, and many bar associations provide resources to help with legal practice management. Efficient law firm management is an essential part of running a successful firm.

How do I automate my law firm?

Law firms can be automated using technology and software. The first step of law firm automation is identifying areas of your law practice that are time-consuming, complex, and repetitive. Using technology can provide real benefits to your firm, helping to improve productivity, efficiency, and reduce errors. Commonly automated practice management sectors include:

  • Document creation, storage, and sharing
  • Form creation, population, and storage and case synchronization
  • Office accounting, client billing, and trust accounting
  • Client management, communication, and scheduling
  • Time tracking and recording
  • Email management and storage

How do law firms organize files?

Organizing files electronically will declutter your practice and save you time flipping through manila folders and stacks of paper. Law firms should organize electronic files just like paperfiles, but should take advantage of the increased ability to segment documents with subfolders. Using software to organize files further enhances the process by allowing you to easily store emails and other extraneous documents associated to the matter as well as upload documents through a scanner or your phone.

How much does LEAP cost?

LEAP is an all in one legal practice management solution providing document management, accounting and billing, a full library of legal court forms, and a service portal so your clients can fill out intake forms and pay bills online. LEAP provides all these features plus many more in one system for one price. Contact a legal practice management specialist today to find out how LEAP can reduce your overhead.

What states does LEAP service?

LEAP is available to lawyers and law firms in the conterminous United States.

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