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LEAP is a cloud legal software solution for small law firms wishing to become more efficient, more flexible and make more money! Used by more than 3,000 law firms, LEAP allows small law firms to work naturally using a single integrated case management system that enables you to do more work with the same number of people.

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Legal Practice Management Software

LEAP provides a completely integrated legal case management and legal accounting solution in a single application. Productivity systems including automated document production and tasks are combined with all the record keeping needed, including time recording (mobile & desktop), billing and your legal and trust accounting.

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“Until I started using LEAP, I was using multiple platforms to run my small firm. This was not an optimal solution at all. It was very time consuming searching for information relating to one matter from different places. After attending a CLE presentation and hearing all the wonderful things LEAP was capable of, I contacted them as soon as I could.

However, after viewing a demo of LEAP, it was love at first sight. Now with LEAP installed, my practice is streamlined and efficient. The automated document production feature and the ability to bill my clients on the go is life changing! The use of this product has allowed everyone in my office to have the ability to be more effective and we now have the capability to invoice for time that we never did before. The Paralegal in my office said “where has this been my whole life?”

M. Aziz Aziz Law group

Everything you need to run a small law firm

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